Universal Triumvirate Department of Naturalization
"An active, informed, and expanding citizenry makes the strongest Union"
Seal of the Department of Naturalization
Department Overview
Purpose To manage citizenship services, immigration, membership, and citizen records within the Triumvirate.
Formed February 22, 2013
Preceding Department/Systems Agency of Résumé Services
Trimester Budget ∇250
Head of Naturalization Vacant
Deputy Head of Naturalization Vacant

The Universal Triumvirate Department of Naturalization is responsible for the direct management of citizenship records, immigration, the Résumé system, and all other relevant services to Triumvirate citizens. They handle recruiting and documentation of new members and are lead by the Head of Naturalization.


The Department of Naturalization has several key purposes:

Recruiting: The Department manages recruiting and the enlistment of new members into the Triumvirate.

Résumé Management: TDN also oversees résumés, citizen records, and documentation of citizens.

Citizenship Services: The Department provides aide to new citizens and old citizens alike, in making them fairly represented and established in the Triumvirate. Be that by helping them get jobs, helping them learn about the system, or aiding in their references.

Useful LinksEdit

  • TDN:Stats: Various statistics, ranging from budgetary data to immigration.
  • TDN:Policy: Official guidelines from TDN.


  • Jacob Hefner (Deputy Head of Naturalization) - 10 Tri
  • Kindi Hilala (Recruitment) - 8 Tri

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