Universal Triumvirate Department of the Treasury
Seal of the Department of the Treasury
Seal of the Department of the Treasury
Department Overview
Purpose Managing government owned finances, distributing funds, and acquiring money for the government.
Formed May 4, 2012
Preceding Department/Systems Department of Finance
Head of the Treasury Vacant
Deputy Head of the Treasury Vacant

The Universal Triumvirate Department of the Treasury (often abbreviated TDT) is an Executive Department managed by the Head of the Treasury. Its primary job is managing government money and designing programs and systems to make money for the government. The Department works closely with the Department of Commerce since they both work primarily on financial and economic policy.


Collecting funds for the Triumvirate by a variety of methods is the main purpose of the Department of the Treasury. The Department generally collects funds through labor, investments, government programs, or donations. Management of government bonds and other government monetary systems is a major duty of the Department.

Recording and making purchases on behalf of the Triumvirate government is another duty of the Department of the Treasury. The Department's leader, the Head of the Treasury is the one who makes all transaction checks for the government and documents them on the necessary pages.

Defending and protecting the value and funds in the Triumvirate and investigating (with cooperation from the Department of Intelligence) leaks or theft of funds is an important duty of the Department of the Treasury as well.

Useful LinksEdit

Department PagesEdit

TDT:Treasury Policies: This is where the policies of the Treasury are posted. Policies include internal policies and don't pertain to the overall plans and agenda of the Treasury.

TDT:Treasury Agenda and Plans: Information regarding activities being perused by the Department of the Treasury.

TDT:Treasury Reports: Where the Head of the Treasury issues reports from the Treasury.

TDT:Treasury Employees: A list of all current and former Treasury Employees.

Government FinancialsEdit

TDT:Budget Documentation: Where the Department of the Treasury can make a list of all payments to be made at the beginning of a new trimester.

TDT:Tax Collection: Where the TDT maintains which tax bracket entities fall under and how much is expected to collect at the due date.

TDT:Assets and Liabilities: Management and information on all outstanding government loans, assets, etc.

TDT:Foreign Currency: Where the Treasury maintains information pertaining to foreign currency values, determined by how much Tri is given for each currency.

TDT:Bonds: Get information on current and historical series of government bonds.

TDT:Current Bond Ownership: Current ownership of all active government bonds.

Historical PagesEdit

TDT:Bond Archive: Archived information on government bond ownership.

TDT:Government Spending Records: Where records of all government spending and the current amount in government vaults are kept.

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