Flag of Pania



The Universal Triumvirate

Flag of Desolare


The three belligerents in the Desolaran Civil War

The Desolaran Civil War was a conflict that the Universal Triumvirate was involved in in 2014-I. Pania, a state of Desolare, sought to declare independence and become an independent nation, separating from Desolare due to Desolare's oppressive political system and the tyrannical leadership of the dictatorial Regent of Desolare, Klein Aberious.


Course of WarEdit

Pania Declares Independence, War is DeclaredEdit

Exertion 412Edit

On the night of February 6, 2014,

Pania's Delegation to the TriumvirateEdit

Secilia DissolvesEdit

On March 5, 2014,

Nuvuer Declares IndependenceEdit

On April 10, 2014,

Desolare SurrendersEdit

On April 20, 2014, ten days after Nuvuer declared its independence from Desolare, Regent Aberious...


The Treaty of TenEdit

After a conference, which involved ten representatives, on April 30, 2014, the Treaty of Ten


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