Dread & Feld
Dread and Feld
IOF/Business Overview
IOF Type Partnership
IOF Number 29
Founded April 29, 2015 by Arthur H. Feld & Matthew Dread
Industry Legal
Owned By Arthur H. Feld & Matthew Dread
Employees Two

Dread & Feld is a legal firm in the Triumvirate founded on April 29, 2015. Founded by attorneys Arthur H. Feld and Matthew Dread, Dread & Feld serves to provide fair and high quality legal representation to anyone who needs it.

To get in contact regarding a legal issue, please contact us at and we look forward to hearing from you! Even if you can't afford legal consultation, our door is always open, because we believe every single person deserves to have a fair trial, regardless of if they're rich or poor, new or old, or big or small. Justice for anyone means justice for everyone.

Retainer ArrangementEdit

Our services can be placed on retainer per an agreement with our staff and your person or your company.

In the event that two parties, both of whom we are on retainer with, are vying against each other in a case or situation where our services our requested, a private bid-off occurs with regards to the remainder of their retainers.

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