May 29th: Eden Publishing established under Jackson Eden. Jackson Eden enacted as CEO and CFO of the company. First issue of the Triumvirate Tribune released on the same day.

May 31st: Second issue of the Tribune. Deal to acquire the Triumvirate Media Corporation made between Jackson Eden and Henry Gobar, former CEO of TMC. 40% of EP acquired by Gobar, 16% of General Media acquired by Eden Publishing.

June 7th: Third issue of the Tribune released.

June 14th: Issue four.

June 21st: Issue five.

June 28th: Issue six.

July 5th: Issue seven.

July 12th: Issue eight. [Released free.]

July 19th: Issue nine.

July 26th: Eden Publishing buys out Corporate Corporation in exchange for 300 tri. Issue ten. Eden Publishing establishes a monopoly over newspaper publication.

August 2nd: Issue eleven.

August 9th: Issue twelve.

August 10th: Eden Publishing - trading as "Triumvirate Tribune (Loquntia) LLC" - wins a contract to publish the Loquntian state newspaper Maxwell's Royal Report on behalf of His Majesty King John I of Loquntia.

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