Eden Publishing
"Putavi ea Licuit"
Eden publishing
Company logo
IOF/Business Overview
IOF Type Company
IOF Number 32
Founded 29th May, 2015 by Jackson Eden
Industry Media
Owned By Horatio Eden
Employees 1
Market Overview
Ticker EP
  • Triumvirate Media Corporation
  • DesignWorks
  • Triumvirate Research Institution
  • Corporate Corporation
Editor-in-Chief of the Triumvirate Tribune
Editor in chief
Seal of the Editor-in-Chief
Jackson Eden
Current Editor-in-Chief Horatio Eden
Current Position
Entered Office 29th May, 2015
Predecessor Jackson Eden
Other Positions Owner of Eden Consortium
Party Union
Deputy Editor-in-Chief None
General Position Overview
Purpose Publishing the Triumvirate Tribune newspaper
Formed 29th May, 2015
First Editor-in-Chief Jackson Eden
Preceding Positions None

Eden Publishing is a media and publishing business primarily focused on producing the broadsheet newspaper, the Triumvirate Tribune. The company was started on May 29th, 2015, bought the Triumvirate Media Corporation on May 31st, 2015, and bought the Corporate Corporation on July 26th, 2015.

It was nearly forced into insolvency in the days before the Winter Attacks, and went on hiatus following Jackson Eden's resignation as Chief Ambassador as impeachment proceedings were enacted.

It resumed operations following the Winter Attacks under the leadership of Horatio Eden on the 4th of December, 2016, when the Triumvirate government resumed. Horatio Eden is currently serving as Editor-in-Chief.

Eden Publishing has archived all TMC issues ever written and they can be viewed publicly at no charge here.

The Triumvirate TribuneEdit



The Triumvirate Tribune is a short broadsheet dedicated to the latest goings-on in the Triumvirate today (not to be confused with Triumvirate Today, the former newspaper run by that one company I can't remember). As of yet the newspaper has six fully syndicated issues, one of which is free for public consumption as a pilot issue, which can be accessed at the link below.

Issues of the Triumvirate TribuneEdit

  • Pilot Issue: "ELDRIDGE GREEN CARD REVOKED" - Free for viewing here
  • Issue 2: "CORPORATE CORPORATION RE-ESTABLISHED" - Public release 31st of August
  • Issue 3: "MAJOR EXECUTIVE AND SPEAKER ATTACK CUT IN PAY" - Public release 7th of September
  • Issue 4: "RICE AND UNDERSPEAKER BUTT HEADS OVER IMMIGRATION" - Public release 14th of September
  • Issue 5: "EXEC/ADMIN DATA RELEASE" - Public release 21st of September
  • Issue 6: "DATABASE OF PAID-FOR CVs TO COME?" - Public release 28th of September
  • Issue 7: "PRO-POPULISM POLITICAL CAUCUS ESTABLISHED" - Public release 5th of October
  • Issue 8: "RICE HITS BACK AT "CONSERVATIVES" WHO FORCED DoN INTO DEBT" - Special edition, free for viewing here
  • Issue 9: "ACCUSATIONS ABOUND AS STENBACH VOWS NOT TO SUPPORT TDN" - Public release 19th of October
  • Issue 10: "SESSIONS CAMPAIGN IN FULL SWING" - Public release 26th of October
  • Issue 11: "DURAND V. HESTER" - Public release 2nd of November

Well that's great and all, but how do I get one?Edit

Since these issues are happening weekly rather than daily (as is the case with real world newspapers), the Triumvirate Tribune is available as a subscription service, paying seven tri a month for four issues. Alternatively, you can pay 3 tri per issue; the subscription service provides a far better economy.

That's all well and good, you may say, but how does one actually buy any copies of the Triumvirate Tribune? That's easy - simply make a payment to Eden Publishing with the IOF number above with either "Latest Issue" if you're paying for one or "Subscription Fee" if you're paying for a month of issues, along with either 3 or 7 tri, respectively. One month is equivalent to four issues.

Once you've done that, leave your name and email below, and Eden Publishing will send your copies of the Triumvirate Tribune as they are syndicated.

Alternatively, if you wish to purchase a back issue of the Tribune, simply pay 3 tri to Eden Publishing, along with the descriptor "Back Issue: [number of issue]". For the purposes of this, Issue 1 is the pilot issue.

Put your contact_details.png below here to register for the TribuneEdit

Active subscriptions can be found here.

Once your subscription has been added to the subscription page, it will be removed from this section of the Eden Publishing article.

Enter details of your subscription below, with your email and number of issues purchased:

Editorials Edit

Do you have an editorial/article that you'd like to send in to the newspaper? If so, you can send it to us at If we accept it and its over 200 words long, you get the issue containing your editorial for free!

Subsidiaries Edit

Triumvirate Media Corporation - Previously produced a bi-weekly paper, sold to Eden Publishing on May 31st, 2015

DesignWorks - Produces images and logos

Triumvirate Research Institution - Conducts research and surveys

Corporate Corporation - See main page for details

Shareholders in Eden Publishing Edit

Shareholder Name Share
Eden Consortium 100%

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