Ehtya Trust

The Ehtya Trust is a compilation of various assets, properties, rights, and wills held by the Ehtya family.


The trust is the property of all members of the Ehtya family, though a trust manager, who is the leading member of the family, reserves the privileges of management and can:

  1. Authorize withdrawal of assets from the trust
  2. Give others power to directly withdraw from the trust

The trust manager is selected by the family. Currently the trust manager is Aaron Ehtya. They serve until the family selects someone else to serve as the trust manager or until they retire (in the event of which the family selects another member as trust manager).

Trust RulesEdit

The family is permitted to set rules for the trust which they may do by decrees accepted by a majority of them. Currently the standing rules for the trust are these:

  1. For all shares of companies held within the trust, the voting rights shall go to the trust manager.
  2. All revenue received from bonds held within the trust shall be delivered back to the trust when they are paid back.

Current AssetsEdit

The Ehtya Trust currently consists of these assets:

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