Eldridge v. The Universal Triumvirate


Seal of the Judicial Branch
Supreme Court:
Full Case Name Damian Eldridge v. The Universal Triumvirate
Type Civil
Court Membership
Chief Justice
Esteemi Evantsu
Associate Justices
Ronald Afferson, Adelyn Ewart, Satine Ehtya

Case FactsEdit

Case ProceedingsEdit

Eldridge's attorneys (Dread & Feld) submitted a complaint (File:Complaint - Eldridge v. UT.pdf) to the courts on May 31, 2015; the Department of Justice replied with an answer (File:Answer - Eldridge v. UT.pdf) on June 13, 2015. Eldridge requested an injunction against the government blocking him from access to the forum (as he claimed this denied him his rights and requirements to participate as necessary in the court system and to consult with his legal counsel) which was granted by the court on June 3, 2015 as follows:

Considering the complaint received on behalf of Mr. Damian Eldridge and the legitimate grounds that a person engaging in trial and in the legal system must be able to, at minimum, converse with their attorney(s) and view their case and judicial proceedings: the court orders that Mr. Eldridge is to have his green card reinstated within 48 hours from the issuing of this order so that he shall, at minimum, have view and posting privileges to the courts and be able to engage in private messaging (access to any other part of the forum is not necessary or required and the court is in agreement with Chief Attorney McDearny's argument that access to these forums, in the communal setting, is a privilege and not a right for those of foreign nationality and is unnecessary for the sake of these proceedings) for a period extending through the extent of legal proceedings relating to the Eldridge v. The Universal Triumvirate case, not longer than six months, at which point, if proceedings are still ongoing, the court shall reevaluate and likely reorder such injunction.



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