Executive Decision is a Constitutional term employed by the Triumvirate used to describe the manner in which the Executive Branch makes decisions. The Constitution defines Executive Decision as a collective vote of the Executives in office, whichever side gets the most votes wins. This makes the Executive Branch much like a council as it votes on most matters.

Executive Decision usually implies a simple-majority vote. However, sometimes a two-thirds vote (in cases of electing an Executive) or even a three-fourths vote, may be considered an Executive Decision with some adjustments. The Executive Branch decides via Executive Decision on most matters including passing laws, passing amendments, electing officials, impeaching officials, and other such acts.

To start off Executive Decision usually one Executive will table a matter to the Executive Branch, then the entire Executive Branch will discuss it and try and work out a compromise that fits for everyone. Then voting occurs, whichever side, for or against, manages to achieve the necessary amount of votes wins and their initiative gets passed.

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