The Constitution provides for nine Executive Departments, one for each Executive position (excluding the political four - the Major Executive, Administrative Liaison, and the Senators):

  1. The Department of State, headed by the Chief Ambassador
  2. The Department of Intelligence, headed by the Head of Intelligence
  3. The Department of Justice, headed by the Chief Attorney
  4. The Department of the Treasury, headed by the Head of the Treasury
  5. The Department of Commerce, headed by the Head of Commerce and Industry
  6. The Department of the Archive, headed by the Head of the Archive
  7. The Department of Naturalization, headed by the Head of Naturalization
  8. The Department of Media, headed by the Head of Media
  9. The Department of Education, headed by the Head of Education and Dean of the Academy

Each Department is primarily led by an Executive, a member of the Executive Branch but all departments are subject to ultimate overview by the Executive Branch.

Departments are used for the major management work of the Triumvirate. Each of the seven departments cover a very important part of the Triumvirate that needs attended to. The Departments often work together to attend to various matters that come across the Triumvirate. Each department requires workers or people hired under the department who work for the department and Triumvirate to do a variety of jobs. The Department of the Treasury might hire individuals to manage funds while the Department of State might recruit individuals to participate in a negotiation with a powerful faction the Triumvirate is interested in allying with. Departments are the primary instrument of management and execution of power for the Triumvirate's government as they carry out policy, perform tasks, and seek to improve the greater Union.

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