The Executive Initiative is a measure of work done by the Executive Branch and it's members. With the Executive with the most points receiving the Neil Emblem and with the Executive with the least number of points having an impeachment opened against them.


The Executive Initiative traces it's origins to Major Executive Elliot Neil, who had a similar initiative known as Trimester Agendas. While this version that would become the Executive Initiative held no legal standing, it did give a show as to who was productive and got most Executives working again after the Branch and Triumvirate as a whole faced an activity slump. The legacy of Neil's "Get to work" attitude is so great that the 'Neil Emblem' is awarded to the Executive who obtains the most points in the current version of the initiative.

The current initiative started in 2015-I by Major Executive Edward Stenbach and Head of Naturalization Lanclot Rice via the Executive Initiative. The initiative was set to last for one trimester as a testbed to see how effective it would be at getting Executives to work. It was managed and points were awarded by the Head of Naturalization. Over 250 points worth of work was achieved by the Executive Branch with Major Executive Stenbach obtaining the most points. It was deemed that with the impeachments of Head of Media Spencer Kaye and Head of Commerce and Industry Vulpes Arenas that another was not necessary. The initiative was restarted for 2015-II with Head of the Treasury Andrew Hester leading the effort with close cooperation between Stenbach and new Major Executive Charles Sessions, observing the lack of point updates by Rice and taking over a week to announce the winner it was decided that rather than have a position solely managing the initiative, along with adding to their position's workload, that the Major Executive, would nominate a Sophomore, or higher ranked, Executive to oversee the initiative for that trimester and if confirmed by the Executive Branch. The new initiative was approved on May 15, 2015. Hester was then nominated by Sessions to be the managing Executive of the initiative, being confirmed on May 21. After some controversy of Andrew Hester winning the Executive Initiative, Charles Sessions proceeded to award the Neil Emblem to Edward Stenbach.

How Points are MeritedEdit

Below is how points are awarded or penalized against an Executive over the course of the Trimester.

  • Framing successful small legislation or resolution (less than 250 words): 3 points
  • Position-specific tasks (as interpreted and defined by the manager): 1-5 points
  • Successful amendment to the Procedural Rules of the Executive Branch: 5 points
  • Framing successful medium legislation or resolution (250-1,000 words): 6 points
  • Framing a successful large legislation or resolution (1,000-2,500 words): 12 points
  • Framing a successful massive legislation or resolution (2,500 or more words): 18 points
  • Nominating a successful new Executive or Justice: 7 points
  • Hosting an event (with five or more people in active participation): 6 points
  • Recruiting a new citizen: 3 points
  • Recruiting more than three citizens by the end of the trimester: 6 points (and additional points continue to be rewarded for citizens recruited as noted)
  • Successfully impeaching an Executive: 5 points
  • Not having recruited at least one citizen by the end of the trimester: -7 points
  • Inactivity (absence without notification as longer than three days when there is business to attend to): -3 points
  • Never being inactive once during the trimester: 5 points
  • Contributing 1,000 new (not copied and not personal) characters on the wiki: 2 points
  • Failing to comply with an order for wiki content: -5 points
  • New artwork created and delivered to the Head of Media: 2 points
  • Compiling department or position reports for every 250 words: 2 points
  • Failure to compile a required report: -10 points

Current PointsEdit

The Executive with the most point indicates that they are in the lead, whereas the least amount of points indicates that they are in last. If several Executives are tied for the lead, the junior Executive is considered in the lead. If several Executives are tied for last place, the senior most Executive is considered in last place. Executives are arranged by seniority from left to right.

*Under construction, see most recent report.

Mid-Trimester Executives Edit

Any new Executives are still added to the list, however due to their joining mid-trimester, they won't qualify for the perks of the Initiative. They are still placed on the list to work done however, to see how effective the Executive Branch was for the Trimester.

Historical PointsEdit

2015-I: Lanclot Rice becomes the Executive Initiative Manager for a trial run.

2015-II: Edward Stenbach is awarded the Neil Emblem.

2015-II, May 21st: Andrew Hester becomes the Executive Initiative Manager.

2015-II, August 29th: Both the 2015-II Short Report and the 2015-II Long Report are released.

2015-III, September: Henry Gobar becomes the Executive Initiative Manager.

2015-III, September 27th: The 2015-III September Initiative Report is released.

2015-III, October 31st: The 2015-III October Initiative Report is released.

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