An Executive Recess is a rules provision that allows the Executive Branch to enter a recess and go on break. They can be taken due to political reasons, the Executive Branch having nothing to do, for a vacation, because a lot of people are absent, or even to filibuster motions or actions in the branch.

The Executive Branch may set itself in recess by a simple majority vote of the Executives in office. No more than three months of the year can be the Executive Branch on recess. The Procedural Rules of the Executive Branch defines several restrictions on when a recess can be entered and prevents recess when the Triumvirate is at war, there is a serious threat, the State of the Union is near, and several other types of situations.

During a recess, at least two Executives must stay behind, often it is Executives who are at least sophomore Executives as they are trusted to make sure nothing goes wrong. The term developed for what the two Executives staying behind are doing is "housesitting".

The first recess was taken from 12/4/11 until 12/11/11, lasting a whole week. It was taken to divert and delay tensions within the Executive Branch but, when the recess ended, culminated with the impeachment frenzy between sitting Major Executive Arnold Ogamon and Minor Executive Zamorak Agent.

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