The Executive Recruitment Initiative of 2012 was Major Executive Stavrok's main goal in the last trimester of the year, the goal being to fill the Executive Branch and have a person in every Executive Position. At the time it was started the branch was half full, with six members, and the goal was to get to a full twelve.

Text of the InitiativeEdit


  • The two Executives in our current branch who have yet to nominate a new Executive must nominate a new one within a month. These two are Andrew Hester and Mitar Curesse. The rest of the Executives in the current branch have all nominated and elected Executives before, for this first step it's your turn.
  • You will each receive 5 tri for recruiting a new member.
  • The first one of you to nominate and have an active Executive approved will, thru the money most of us chipped in earlier, will get 30 tri. The second will get 20 tri.
  • This must be done by October 6. Approximately one month.


  • This batch is entirely incentives based.
  • The government will pay 80 tri to each of the first two Executives who recruits a new Executive.
  • You both still get 5 tri each for recruiting a new member.
  • The one who does it first will also get 10 more tri because of the money pot to get new Executives.
  • This must be done by November 6, Approximately two months.


  • This batch is position based, good news for you whose positions dont have anything to do with recruiting! (Ascencia, Andrew, Arnold, Mitar)
  • We will evaluate the branch at this point in November, which should by this time have ten members and based on this order the top two who are available will be responsible for bringing in the new members:
  1. Head of Media
  2. Administrative Liaison
  3. Major Executive
  4. Chief Ambassador
  • For example, if we've recruited an Administrative Liaison but we still need to fill the Head of Media position, then the AL and Major Executive would be responsible for recruiting the next two.
  • They both get 5 tri for recruiting new members still.
  • This must be done by December 6, Approximately three months.

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