First Nation Consulting
First Nation Consulting
IOF/Business Overview
IOF Type Corporation
IOF Number 1
Founded April 19, 2012 by Ermier
Industry Legal
CEO Bradford Durand
Employees One
Market Overview
Ticker FNC

First Nation Consulting is a Triumvirate Trade Index business which was created on April 19, 2012 by Ermier. It serves to offer legal consulting services including, but not limited to, attorney defense, legal consulting, and lobbying services.

Services OfferedEdit

Attorney Services: First Nation Consulting provides for a way to hire an attorney for your defense or for you to take a case against another. It is required that all of our attorneys be Triumvirate Legal Certified and we provide exclusive training to them. We charge ∇40 for any case the attorney you hire wins and ∇20 for any case the attorney you hire from us loses.

Legal Consultion Services: We also offer legal consultation, which can be used for checking with us on legal issues, getting advice on legal situations, or simply working with us in helping you prevent legal entanglements. We charge ∇10 per half hour for any legal consulting service.

Lobbying Services: Our other main service that we provide is lobbying and political pressuring. This can be a complicated service as it involve our chief legal experts speaking with top government officials such as Executives or the Speaker of the Administration in order to influence policy. There are a number of restrictions as to how we can do this so we have to use methods like debate, discussion, and convincing to get what you are trying to get us to lobby for done. We charge ∇12 per half hour of lobbying.

Make a PurchaseEdit

To buy any of the services please leave a submission by using this form here:

===Purchase: "what you are buying"===
*"Your Name"
*"Email to contact you at"
*"Details on what services you need, why"

Please post the purchase request below the line here, one of our employees will be in contact shortly and can arrange to make the transaction and put together whatever service you need done!

Our RecordEdit

Here is a list of cases that we have been involved in and our team fared:

Apply For A JobEdit

It's very easy to apply for a job with our business. We do have some strict requirements but in general we are a very open company. Please use this format to apply for a job:

===Application: "Your Name"
*"Your name and ID" "link to your resume"
*'''Job Desired:''' "what job you want"
*'''Why:''' "Explain why you want this job"
*"Please give any other details you feel you should express about yourself here"

Please post requests under this line, good luck!


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