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The flag of the Universal Triumvirate flown alongside the United States flag

The flag of the Universal Triumvirate, emboldened with the symbol depicted on the left, is a monument to the success, role, and founding of the union. The modern flag consists of an equilateral triangle with a black outline, white trim on the inside, and solid black triangle on the inside. A solid icon, the flag of the Triumvirate symbolizes strength, dedication, a triad of ideas (Intelligence, Justice, and Order) and branches (Executive, Administrative, Judicial), and reflects on the history of the Triumvirate and it's founder, Zerouh.


Progression of the Flag
Original Flag
September 15, 2009
Flag 2
November 17, 2009
Flag 3
April 21, 2010
Flag 4
December 17, 2010
June 18, 2012

The flag has gone through four changes from the original, the only three things that remain the same are the general shape, orientation, and the color scheme of black and white.

Original Flag

There were two stages of the original flag. The first, created by Zerouh with the original Triumvirate on September 15, 2009, displays a basic triangle, not quite equilateral, with Japanese katakana for "Zerou" (Zerouh) in the center connected to the initials EE (Ehtya's Empire), KB (Kaiser Blade), and C (CELTHES). These were the three original clans of the Triumvirate, another trio worth noting. The first known text documenting this flag was written by Ehtya who published the flag for Zerouh saying "Those who ally under it, Are the dictators of ゼロウ".

The second flag is changed only in changing the KB to SB (Sacred Band). The flag was changed by Zerouh. This was done a mere two months after the original flag because Kaiser Blade had a falling out with the Triumvirate and the Sacred Band (Anarchy Die's clan) was chosen to replace it in the official flag. The first text on this flag was written by Zerouh explaining the change, "Kaiser Blade left the Triumvirate and its angle was replaced by Sacred Band. A strong military force within the Triumvirate".

Classical Flag

There are two versions of the classical flag. On April 21, 2010, the old flag displaying clan names was changed to a very foreign looking flag designed by Zerouh that instead represented each founding ideal of the Triumvirate: Justice, Intelligence, and Order. Zerouh's name remained in the center. Historical factors behind this change may have included the modern government system with the creation of the Executive Branch and the Army of Saradomin Cold War. The first text documented about this flag is Zerouh stating "The original Triumvirate of representative clans has been replaced by the symbol of the Universal Triumvirate, with the kanji for Justice, Intelligence, and Order. The Triumvirate of ideals we are defined by". It is also fascinating to note that at the same time of the new flag being implemented Zerouh first started calling the full name of the Triumvirate the "Universal Triumvirate" instead of formerly "Zerouh's Triumvirate".

On December 17, 2010 another change, more noticeable than the others was made, it inverted the color scheme of the previous single triangle flag. This created an outside black triangle, rim triangle of white, and an inner solid black triangle (another curious trio: three triangles). Historical factors behind this change may have included the PHANTOM crisis, the creation of the Major Executive position (to which Zerouh was elected to), and creation of the Supreme Court and the argument behind it. This flag gave the Triumvirate a darker look, perhaps to symbolize a more modern time in which the government branches were all clearly defined and showing that the Triumvirate had moved past its adolescent ways. There was a discussion amongst the entire Executive Branch on changing the flag and Zerouh tabled several proposals (all designed by himself), this inversion of the flag at the time was most popular (Zerouh said it was his favorite as well) and became the official flag before the year of 2011.

Modern Flag

2011 was the year flag protection and establishment became a focus. As Zerouh began to prepare for his imminent departure from office in June of 2011, he began to propose and implement Constitutional amendments and other measures to protect his work such as making the Constitution more difficult to amend, and most important for this article: preventing the flag from being changed without a three-fourths support from both the Executive and Administrative Branches. This made the dark classic flag style fairly permanent. As such, Arnold Ogamon's almost a year in office as Major Executive was uneventful in terms of flag alterations. However almost a year after Zerouh stepped down, Stavrok bested incumbent Arnold Ogamon in the Major Executive election in May of 2012 and pushed the Triumvirate to a more progressive era.

Stavrok designed his vision for a modern, simplistic, and elegant flag to serve as the icon of the Triumvirate. The most radically different from previous designs (besides perhaps the color inversion in the classic styles), the proposed flag removed all text including Zerouh's name in the center (which had been present and unchanged in all previous flags) and left a solid equilateral triangle rimmed by the classical trim. For what might possibly be the last time, the Executive and Administrative Branches approved the new flag and the Universal Triumvirate adopted the flag looked up to and honored to this day.


Fascinatingly, the flag, though it was considered equilateral, never was until the most modern revision of June 18, 2012. Whether this was done on purpose by Zerouh (who designed the first four flags) to show the imperfections of the young Triumvirate is unknown.

There is a circulating myth that some versions of the flag have hidden messages when zoomed in or viewed at a specific contrast, this has never been confirmed.

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