Foundation for Democratic Freedom
Foundation logo
IOF/Business Overview
IOF Type Non-profit
IOF Number 37
Founded July 4, 2015 by Anna Antoniou, Allison Braugh and John Brayer
Owned By Board of the Foundation for Democratic Freedom
Employees Three

The Foundation for Democratic Freedom is a non-profit political action committee founded on the 4th of July, 2015. It seeks to promote education about democratic solutions to political issues through fostering public debate, providing a public platform for governmental liberals, and assisting in the campaigns of candidates for office who share the foundation's aims.

Activities Edit

The Foundation for Democratic Freedom is committed to promoting the cause of democratic governance through promoting public discourse. Towards this end, public debates, publications, press conferences, and briefings on legislation will be organised by the members of the Board. The FDF will also discuss existing legislation and draft legislation which would assist in its goals of increasing governmental transparency and democracy.

The FDF will commission and publish academic studies related to the government and act as a facilitator of academic discourse to ensure that governmental liberals have an ample supply of fresh ideas and arguments, as well as promoting better solutions to questions of governance.

The FDF will also conduct fundraising to ensure that its political campaigns, and the campaigns of its allies, are well-funded and that it has the financial resources to commission as many events and high-quality publications as possible. The organisation is strictly non-profit, and all spending (except for payment of debts) requires the unanimous agreement of the Board. The foundation will maintain a strict stance of neutrality on all issues of economics and foreign affairs.

Governance Edit

The Foundation for Democratic Freedom is currently governed by a three-person Board, and most decision-making requires all Board members present to vote in favour of a proposal before it is carried out. The board is permitted to expand in future to include members from future parties upholding the same values of democratic freedom and political transparency.

The current board members are Anna Antoniou (Socialist), Allison Braugh (Progressive), and John Brayer (Libertarian). Contact any of the members of the board or if you are interested in organising an event with the FDF, would like to send in a proposed article or study, or just have any questions.

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