1.5.2014 Press Statement Against the Extensions to the Weapons Exchange Prevention ActEdit

In response to the recent passage of the extension to the Weapons Exchange Prevention Act which bans the development and ownership of any security, weapon, or defensive technology in the jurisdiction of the Triumvirate, I am going to say this: I will not give up my property (which includes aggressive and defensive weapons technology like the CySec-B), I will not stop research of weapons technology, and I will not stop development of defensive and aggressive technology. It is my view that the government's ban of ownership or development is unconstitutional and unjust. The method by which the new Administration passed the bill, with the Speaker denying it any debate or consideration period, is also inappropriate as this is an issue that clearly is somewhat controversial. I voted against it because I believe it is against the constitution, because I am against it ideologically, and because I believe that the Administrative rules clearly stated that it should have received more time for consideration.

Is what I'm doing against the laws on the books? Yes. Is the law a just law, a constitutional law, and a fair law? No. So I will continue. Major Executive Maine, Chief Attorney Stenbach, if you want to arrest me... have at it. What I'm doing is a Class III Felony according to the unjust law, and it's "punishable by up to ∇1,500, recruitment of up to four individuals, public service of up to six hours, moderate service denial, and/or banishment". A Class III Felony, if I'm found guilty, gives me a permanent "significant criminal record", which bars me from holding a number of offices. I'm willing to risk that to challenge an unjust and unreasonable law. I am an avid supporter of both the Major Executive and the Chief Attorney, but I cannot and will not support this law. Until I see it off the books, I will continue to fight against it being enforced, even if it means I get sentenced to banishment from this Union that I love.

Until you arrest me and a court orders me to stop, we'll be continuing the development of new technology and I will continue conducting studies on the technology we already own.


Aaron Ehtya, Administrator, CEO of General Defense

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