Contracts pertaining to General Media are listed here.

General Media-Corporate Corporation Office Designs ContractEdit

Corporate Corporation will create office designs to the specifications requested by Executives and Administrators, similar to those he created previously, in fitting with the designs as befitting the Universal City plan (including square footage and shape specifications) utilizing the Ehtya-McDearny designs. They shall be delivered to and paid for by General Media at the following pay grades:

  • ∇1 for each Administrator offices
  • ∇2 for each Speaker and Underspeaker offices
  • ∇3 for each Executive offices
  • ∇5 for each Minor Executive office
  • ∇7 for each Major Executive office

General Media or Corporate Corporation may choose to end this contract at any time and General Media reserves the right to prioritize which offices are designed first.

Agreed: Aaron Ehtya (CEO of General Media), Andrew Hester (Owner of Corporate Corporation) - March 6, 2015

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