All General Media shareholders are entitled to be able to elect/remove the CEO of General Media. A total of 100 shares of General Media stock exist at this time.

Update: As soon as the market value for GM shares hits ∇16, GM will be halving the share price by doubling the amount of shares. All shareholders at that time will have their total amount of shares doubled (to total 200 shares in circulation). This is to keep shares cheap for the general market and to allow more individuals to purchase shares and give more flexibility in share purchases and sales.

Current Estimated Value of GM shares: ∇8

Current ShareholdersEdit

Name Position(s) Within General Media Shares Owned  % Total shares Notes
Ehtya Trust 55 55% Trust account, owned by the Ehtya family
Investment Industries 21 21%
Bradford Durand 15 15%
Department of the Treasury 5 5%
Harrison Mearl 4 4%

Share SalesEdit

To offer to buy/sell share, please list your name, the total amount you wish to buy/sell, how much you are willing to buy/sell for, and how someone may contact you to sell/purchase your shares.

Share Sale OffersEdit

  • Investment Industries: Selling 10 GM Shares at 9 tri each (90 tri total).

Share Buy OffersEdit

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