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Triumvirate Today was the Triumvirate newspaper originally published by General Media. Its rights were sold to the United Trade Company on March 28, 2014 but redistributed to General Media on July 20, 2014 with the sell-off of UTC. It was published every two weeks. You can use this page to buy a subscription or an issue of it.

The paper offers a lot of information such as news about the Executive Branch, the Administrative Branch, the courts, the business world, what sort of laws are coming up, some international news, interviews, challenges, and much more!

Release on the Transfer of Triumvirate Today to UTCEdit

Good day, everyone. As CEO of General Media, I am announcing today that I have sold the rights of the Triumvirate Today newspaper to the United Trade Company. I did this because I do not have the will nor the time to continue the production of the paper, and as the CEO of the United Trade Company (Lanclot Rice) does, he was the logical choice to sell the paper to. He is looking to expand in the media market, while I am looking to pull back efforts in the market and redirect my attention and the attention of my companies elsewhere.

Though Triumvirate Today is one of the most famous products of General Media, the company remains fundamentally strong, as image production, publishing, and advertising are still important to this company.

Under the terms of the sale, they are to accept all outstanding subscriptions, they will keep the general theme of the paper, continue the special trimester editions, uphold the government contract, and continue to present fair and unbiased news about our great Union.

Thank you, please continue to enjoy the paper under its new management.

-Aaron Ehtya (talk) 22:12, March 28, 2014 (UTC)

Free issue DrawingEdit

For every issue that is released, we will do a Triumvirate-wide Drawing that involves all of our current active citizens. The winner of the random drawing shall get one copy of Triumvirate Today for free, on behalf of the Dream Foundation brought to you by United Industries. 

The winner shall be announced every Saturday before the release of the new issue on Sunday. Once your name has been drawn, you will be taken out of the drawings for a total of 6 Issues. If you already have a order and your name is drawn, it adds onto your current order. 

Thanks for working with us, and we hope to continue to make you happy in the future.

Lanclot Rice Talk 00:30, April 5, 2014 (UTC)

Congratulations, Andrew Mearl! Your name has been randomly selected by a drawing to get this weeks edition of Triumvirate Today. You will be sent the copy of this issue tonight at 12:01 EST. 

List of IssuesEdit

  1. 5.13.12: First issue! Includes election coverage, interview with Speaker Nremni, news on the new Head of the Treasury, the PEACE Act, and much more!
  2. 5.27.12: Major Executive election news, Interview with Stavrok/Ehtya, news on economic growth
  3. 6.10.12: Head of Intelligence Arrested, Ogamon's Farewell, Interview with new Major Executive Stavrok, the way the PEACE Act is influencing politics
  4. 6.24.12: Executive Security Agency, Recruitment Incentives program, new editorial section, political party rules, and much more!
  5. 7.8.12: PEACE Act passed, Establishment and Progressive parties, interview with Andrew Hester.
  6. 7.22.12: Government settlement with Ascencia, Union party formed, interview with Ermier, Department of Media plans, Triumvirate City
  7. 8.5.12: PEACE Act in effect, addition of more tri, Schay showcase, interview with Stavrok, Universal City draft, and much more!
  8. 8.19.12: Major/Minor Elections, Schay's CySec-A, interview with Arnold Ogamon, Administrative Branch campaign.
  9. 9.2.12: Administrative Elections, Looming State of the Union, Red impeachment, special edition on the last trimester.
  10. 9.16.12: State of the Union VIII, Stavrok's tax proposal, interview with Speaker Andrew Mearl, PEACE Act repeal attempt.
  11. 9.30.12: Nathan Maine added to the Executive Branch, Schay's CySec-B, Hester for Major?, Speaker will block taxes.
  12. 10.14.12: Maine Joins Progressive Party, TTI Adjusted, Non-Discrimination Policy passed, new poltiical comic section.
  13. 10.28.12: Elliot Neil joins as Administrative Liaison, CC-Government Contract completed, Hester's speeches.
  14. 11.11.12: Stavrok-Hester Announcement, Maine-Mearl Tax Plan, Brady Becker elected.
  15. 12.16.12: Tax law passed, FNC vs. UT, Upcoming election, Committee Code passed.
  16. 12.30.12: Special edition on the last trimester, Neil defeats Stavrok for Major Executive.
  17. 1.13.13: Tax/Major Executive Power Proposal, Committee Placement, Chief of Staff position created, Interview with Nathan Maine.
  18. 1.27.13: State of the Union IX, Stavrok retiring, Interview with Chief of Staff Theodore Crown.
  19. 2.10.13: Maine declares candidacy for Major, General Media poll results, LIFE Act fails.
  20. 3.3.13: Naturalization Act passed, Monetary policy discussed, Maine officially nominated for Major by Progressives
  21. 3.17.13: Maine begins putting together Administrative revision plan, Libertarian Party rumors, general forum, CAPITAL Act.
  22. 4.7.13: Administrative Revision passed, Libertarian Party formed, Ogamon retires, CAPITAL Act passed, Joint Command Council established.
  23. 4.21.13: Nathan Maine elected as fifth Major Executive, Neil doesn't run, Major Executive split adjustment, Administrative Election Results
  24. 5.5.13: Special edition on the last trimester, Nathan Maine inaugurated, Mearl reelected as Speaker, Bleitze becomes Depuy Speaker, new JCC nominees.
  25. 5.26.13: Membership Retainment Act, Hints at State of the Union X, preview of Maine's stimulus plan.
  26. 6.9.13: Monetary Code passed, Membership Retainment Act stalled, Punishment Standardization Act, State of the Union X
  27. 6.23.13: Banking Code passed, Membership Retainment Act fails, Mitchell Carrick elected as Administrative Liaison, preparations for bonds.
  28. 7.7.13: Maine's stimulus bill passes EB, General Media goes public, archived EB deliberations published, Jackson Mearl takes office.
  29. 7.28.13: 2013-II ESIIA passed, Carrick announces candidacy for Major Executive, FNC goes public, Authority Party founded, Equity and Securities Code passed.
  30. 8.11.13: Administrative election begins, membership research, Corporate Corporation poll, TDLE combined with TDJ.
  31. 9.1.13: Special edition on the last trimester, Nathan Maine reelected, Andrew Hester resigns, Mearl remains Speaker, Stenbach becomes Deputy Speaker, Humanitarian Party established, WEB Act proposed.
  32. 9.22.13: WEB Act passed/Expropriation begins, Campaign Regulation Code passed, Fall Activity Return, discussion on elected Executive position.
  33. 10.13.13: Progressive and Humanitarian parties merge, October General Media poll, Senator position created, Satine Ehtya elected.
  34. 10.27.13: Potential shutdown approaches, General Defense business formed, Senator position fortified, interview with Minor Executive Rice.
  35. 11.10.13: Government shutdown, senate campaigns between McDearny and Afferson begin, McDearny and President Davis to testify on the shutdown.
  36. 12.1.13: Shutdown ends, Maine launches final campaign, Stenbach to seek Chief Attorney, Futures Code passes
  37. 12.29.13: Special edition on the last trimester, Nathan Maine wins reelection for a third term, McDearny wins election to be Senator, Stenbach elected as Chief Attorney, Progressives win the Administration.
  38. 1.19.14: Triumvirate declares war on Desolare, Carlson Tyler elected as Speaker of the Administration, McDearny Deficit Reduction Plan passed, WEPA extension, Aaron Ehtya arrested.
  39. 2.9.14: Aaron Ehtya found not guilty, WEPA extension ruled unconstitutional, Desolaran attack on the Triumvirate wiki, State of the Union XII.
  40. 3.2.14: Aaron Ehtya takes over General Media with Ehtya's retirement, Departures Code passed, codification process begins, Pania delegation, second Senator position added, recruitment incentives raised.
  41. 4.6.14: Candidates are announced for Major Executive, Triumvirate Today is sold to the United Trade Company, UTC and PP go public, Charles Sessions is elected as Administrative Liaison


  • One issue costs ∇6
  • A subscription for five issues (10 weeks) costs ∇25 - Save ∇5!
  • A subscription for fifteen issues (30 weeks) costs ∇65 - Save ∇25!

You are guaranteed to be paid for any issue we fail to produce in time, let us know if you have an issue!


As a gift to the Executive Branch, where Ehtya (the founder and owner of General Media) got his career launched, and in honor of Ehtya's philosophy that the government must always be educated on real world events United Trade Company offers a ∇3 discount on subscriptions.

United Trade Company also provides Triumvirate Today to the Major Executive and the Speaker of the Administration free of charge.


Use this form to purchase an issue or subscription, once you make your purchase you will get the next available issue (as the start of your subscription, or as the individual copy you ordered). Please proceed to make a transaction of the amount you would owe for what you are buying to United Trade Company on the TDC:Transactions page otherwise you will not receive your order. Thank you!

==="Your Name"===
*Purchase: "what you are purchasing"
*Amount due: "how much you are paying for it"
*Email: "Your email where we can send you your copy of the paper"
*Date: "today's date"

Current SubscribersEdit

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