General Defense
General Defense
IOF/Business Overview
IOF Type Corporation
IOF Number 14
Founded October 18, 2013 by Aaron Ehtya
Industry Security, Engineering
CEO Aaron Ehtya
Employees One
Market Overview
Ticker GD

General Defense is a primary defense contracting company in the Triumvirate, conducting military research and development of defense projects and technology.

Services and ProductsEdit

Emergency Site Creation and Management: General Defense will create and manage an emergency website (which the government may have significant use for). Estimated cost is ∇40 per trimester.

Information Gathering: General Defense will conduct defense research and intelligence collecting on any subject. Estimated cost is ∇25-50 per subject depending on difficulty of the subject.

Alert Systems: General Defense will create and manage backup emails, contacts, and emergency alert assets. Systems to alert you and anyone you need alerted can be created and maintained. Estimated cost is ∇30 per trimester.

CySec-B Finished: General Defense is looking to sell the CySec-B program to the highest bidder.


Tor Experiments: General Defense is experimenting with Tor networking to create a master program to perfectly identify dual-identities, as well as incoming connections.

Information Purchasing and Extraction: General Defense is immersing itself into the world of intelligence and will be contracting its own agents for espionage and counter-espionage, working closely with Occidental and Panian forces. General Defense will be selling information it comes across to the Triumvirate.

Hired Break In: General Defense can test your security flaws by intentionally attempting to break into your site, data, account, etc. and then provide an assessment as to what isn't working.


GD/Shareholders: Here you can find information about our current shareholders and sale/buy offers for shares in General Defense.

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