General Media
General Media
IOF/Business Overview
IOF Type Corporation
IOF Number 0
Founded March 27, 2012 by Ehtya
Industry Media
CEO Aaron Ehtya
Employees One
Market Overview
Ticker GM

General Media is a publishing, advertising, and media related company that provides products and services such as selling the classic Triumvirate newspaper "Triumvirate Today", providing advertisement on it, helping publish and produce papers and books by those interested, and designing graphics for private or public use.

General Media was the first Triumvirate company established.

Links to ProductsEdit

  • GM/Design - Here you can contact General Media in order to get some designs (say for a logo for your company or something) and GM will help build the design.
  • GM/Advertising - Advertising portal, view this page to request advertisements in the Triumvirate Today paper or other pieces of media.
  • GM/Publishing - Go here if you're interested in our publishing services, we can help you publish a book or paper you have composed.

Other LinksEdit

  • GM/Polls - Find results of GM polls and information on them here.
  • GM/Contracts - See historic and current contracts involving General Media.
  • GM/Shareholders - Get information on current General Media shareholders, value of shares, sale of shares, etc.
  • GM/Triumvirate Today - Our former highly rated newspaper!

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