Government Security Agency
Seal of the Government Security Agency
Agency Overview
Purpose Protecting the Major Executive and other government officials so that they are safe while they perform their duties
Formed July 1, 2012
Preceding Department/Systems The Department of Intelligence fulfilled many of the duties this agency now performs

The Government Security Agency, abbreviated GSA, is a Triumvirate agency that falls under the Department of Intelligence. It was established on July 1, 2012 by the Executive Security Act but was revised to encompass the entire Triumvirate as the Government Security Agency in November of 2012 under the Government Security Act. It fulfills the duty of defending members of the Executive Branch, primarily the Major Executive, Minor Executive, and the senior Executives as well as the Speaker of the Administration and other significant government offices. though they must work to protect all members of the government when needed. They are effectively the Secret Service of the Triumvirate as they serve most of the same purposes.

One agent, named the Major Agent, gets paid 20 tri every trimester out of the agency budget and defends solely the Major Executive so that the chief executive in the Triumvirate is always under guard.

The Government Security Agency only becomes active once the Triumvirate attains 45 active members. It is currently defunct as a result.

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