Use this basic guide to get yourself acquainted with the way the Triumvirate works and how you can fit in to the community.

Guide PagesEdit

(Recommended for reading and study in this order for beginners)

  1. Guide:Beginner's Guide
  2. Guide:How This Wiki Works
  3. Guide:How the Government Works, Part 1. Executive Branch
  4. Guide:How the Government Works, Part 2. Administrative Branch
  5. Guide:How the Government Works, Part 3. Judicial Branch
  6. Guide:How the Legislative Process Works
  7. Guide:How the Economy Works
  8. Guide:Finances
  9. Guide:Starting a Business
  10. Guide:How the Party System Works

Additional GuidesEdit

These guides are not necessarily for beginners and can help out with various more complex or obscure projects.

  1. Guide:Starting a Foreign Business
  2. Guide:Contracts

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