This is the first guide in the series of ten, this guide details basic concepts of the Triumvirate, visit the Guide page to view the others

Welcome to the Universal Triumvirate, also called simply the Triumvirate or abbreviated "UT". We are an online community that serves, to put it simply, as a mock country. A really immersive and detailed, totally online, completely free, role-playing society with extensive opportunities for everyone is a good way to put it. We have businesses, branches of government, elections, a court system, laws, art, culture, and even our own holidays. We were founded on September 15, 2009, by a man known as Zerouh and since then we have grown tremendously.

Here is some real life feedback from members of the Universal Triumvirate in the past:

"It's unlike anything I've ever been a part of before, I've never learned so much and learning in a mini-society like environment is something the Triumvirate has been really good at doing" -Ehtya, Minor Executive, Chief Ambassador, owner of General Media
"I always look forward to checking online to see how things are and to talk with my friends." -Stavrok, Major Executive, Head of Commerce and Industry
"It has been one of the best experiences in my life, I learned about the political process, business management, and economics, all with applicability outside of the Triumvirate" -Ermier, owner of First Nation Consulting
"[It's a] great opportunity we've provided to those interested in learning and experiencing how a society works and operates" -Arnold Ogamon, Major Executive, Chief Attorney
"It's the best thing online!" -Nremni, Speaker of the Administration

Don't let us tell you though, read our guide, check out the wiki, and find out for yourself whether or not you think you would like the Triumvirate. It can have a steep learning curve and we acknowledge that, but remember that there are resources available to help you learn such as theses guides and you can contact the current Major Executive too who will be pleased to help with whatever you need.

We are almost entirely based off of this wiki with a few exceptions. We keep our informational pages, citizenship and member records, financial system, and even our laws on this wiki. If you are looking for anything having to do with the Triumvirate, this wiki is the best place in the world to find it. The wiki is run by the Major Executive and the Executive Branch, we'll explain what each of those are later.

We've explained our purpose, the gist of what we do, and given you some reviews. Now we'll start to go into a little more detail on citizenship and what it means to be a member of the Triumvirate.

Welcome to the Universal Triumvirate01:34

Welcome to the Universal Triumvirate


A member of the Triumvirate, otherwise known as a citizen, is recognized as a formal individual who is a part of the union and entitled to all we have to offer. It's easy to become a citizen, simply ask any current Triumvirate member (the Major Executive is a terrific source to make it faster) if they can help you out and within a matter of days you'll be officially in.

Citizens get all kinds of great entitlements, you get your own Résumé, TID Number, full protection under the law, all the rights guaranteed by the Constitution, opportunities to own and work for businesses in the Triumvirate, run for political office, vote in elections, and much much more! A full list of all citizens is kept at TDN:Citizenship Records. TDN stands for the Triumvirate Department of Naturalization which is the government Department that manages citizens and people who join the Triumvirate.

One thing we should tell you is that it might be smart to read the rest of the guides first so you don't come into it totally blind without understanding how everything works and so that you have a clearer picture of what the Triumvirate is all about.

Universal Triumvirate Beginners Guide Citizenship01:19

Universal Triumvirate Beginners Guide Citizenship


You have finished the beginner's basic guide! Move on to guide #2: Guide:How This Wiki Works next to learn more about the Triumvirate

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