This is the eighth guide in the series of ten, this guide details you can manage your own personal finances, visit the Guide page to view the others

This page describes how your personal finances and accounting can be handled. Here you can find tips, instructions, and information on how to do well in the Triumvirate economy. It is advised you read this page before going on to participate in the economic system.

The BasicsEdit

The Triumvirate has a single unit of currency: The Tri (∇). All Triumvirate citizens, individuals or institutions with accounts allowed to participate in the economic system (such as IOF, TFF, or TFIF accounts), and the Triumvirate government can all participate in transactions with each other. Products, documents, and services are all things of value that can be purchased in the Triumvirate economy, it just is a matter of where to find them and who to buy them from.

Transactions, Buying and SellingEdit

How transactions (buying or selling) in the Triumvirate is managed can be a little confusing at first so here is a detailed description on how to do it.

1. Go to the TDC:Transactions page. Here you will see all transactions over the current month you are in.

2. Identify who you wish to give money to. You may never put a check out for someone who is giving you money. Find their name, account number (this will be the TID number, IOF number, TFF number, or TFIF number. Find the last transaction involving them on the page and take note of the amount it says they now have.

3. Copy and paste the template for transaction checks onto the bottom of the transaction area:

<!-- Be very careful in filling out Transaction Checks, they are permanent so do the math correctly! 
Be sure that you have the funds to be able to make a transaction. 
It is advised you use the Preview button to make sure of your transaction before you post it. 
For more information on how to fill out checks please see the Finances page. -->
|Date                                     = 
|Contributing Party                       =
|Receiving Party                          =
|Amount                                   =
|C. Pre                                   =
|C. Post                                  =
|R. Pre                                   =
|R. Post                                  =
|For                                      =

Put the current date. Under contributing party put your name and identification number (TID number, IOF number, TFF number, or TFIF number). Under recieving party put the name and identification number person or institution you are giving money to. If you are giving money to the Triumvirate government simply put "Universal Triumvirate Department of the Treasury". For amount, put the amount of money you are giving to the recieving party. "C. Pre" stands for "Contributing Pre", it is your total amount of possessed Tri before you make this transaction, write it there. "C. Post" stands for "Contribution Post", it is your total amount of possessed Tri after you make this transaction (your "C. Pre" minus the amount).

"R. Pre" stands for "Recieving Pre", it is the total amount of possessed Tri owned by the party you are giving money to before this transaction. Find it on the most recent check involving them as a party (TIP: use ctrl+F to search the page for their name). "R. Post" stands for "Recieving Post", it is the total amount of possessed Tri owned by the party you are giving money to after the transaction (their "R. Pre" plus the amount). As for "For", put why you are giving this money to them.

4. Push the preview button at the bottom of the page (next to publish) to make sure the check is accurate. AN INNACURATE CHECK IS STILL VALID.

5. If everything looks good, push publish and the transaction has been made.


  • If you're not sure about something, ask! There's no harm in doing so, but there could be a lot of risk in doing something you are unsure of. Contact the Head of Commerce and Industry.
  • It's a really good idea to set up a place on your user page where you can keep track of your own personal finances like things you've bought, how much you paid, your current amount of money, etc. It helps you keep track of your finances and can help other people out too.
  • Check up on the transactions page (TDC:Transactions) as often as you can, you'll be able to keep track of your own amount of money better.
You have finished the guide on understanding how management of personal finances is done. Move on to guide #8: Guide:Starting a Business next to learn more about the Triumvirate

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