This is the second guide in the series of ten, this guide details how the site you are on right now fits in to all of this, visit the Guide page to view the others

Hello again, welcome to the second guide. In this short guide we'll cover exactly how this wiki (the site you are on) works, how it fits in to the Triumvirate, and what makes it so important to how go about doing things.

This is, our central site for everything. We keep our information pages, our entire economic system, laws, and community pages on this site. Most of our members have an account on this site. It's not technically a requirement to have an account on here to be a member but it sure helps since it'd be hard to be an active citizen of the Triumvirate without using this site a lot. You can join the wiki by checking the upper right of the screen and using the navigation provided by wikia (the hosting service for this site) to become a member (Sign up or Log in button depending on whether or not you are already a member of Wikia). Once you've filled in all the information to join the wiki... Ta-da! You're a member of our wiki! This doesn't mean you're a citizen yet though, you have to do that a different way, but it's a good start.

While we're on that we'll discuss how to improve your wiki experience now that you've joined. Once you are a member you'll see your name in the upper right corner again, hover over that and go to "My preferences", under the "My Info" tab you'll see under "Appearance" an option that says "Layout", choose MonoBook (not "New Wikia Look), it looks much better on this wiki. Completely your choice whichever wiki skin you prefer, you'll still be able to do everything on either skin, we're just suggesting you use Monobook because it looks cleaner. While you are in your preferences feel free to edit in anything else you want like your time zone and editing preferences.

Back to the general wiki. The Main Page gives weekly news updates, market news, links to important and useful pages, a quote of the week, a poll, and all kinds of basic information to get anywhere you need to go on the wiki. It might seem overwhelming at first but in no time you'll understand it all and be on a fast track to becoming a terrific member of the community.

The wiki is managed primarily by the Major Executive, they oversee most Triumvirate sites and activity to make sure everything stays safe and accurate. That position is extremely important so we'll cover them a little more later. All wiki related questions should go to them. Never edit any page with the "Law:" prefix or any page with the "TDN:" prefix. If you follow those rules, listen to what we've explained here, and just take a few minutes to browse the wiki, you'll get it quickly, it's actually really simple when you at it all as one big picture.

You have finished the guide on how this wiki works! Move on to guide #3: Guide:How the Government Works, Part 1. Executive Branch next to learn more about the Triumvirate

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