This is the fifth guide in the series of ten, this guide details how the court system works, visit the Guide page to view the others

You're almost done learning about the government, we have just one more branch to cover: the Judicial Branch. Otherwise known as the courts, this branch is different from the other two in that it's not one basic institution of government but instead a collection of courts. The Judicial Branch is the balancing branch, it interprets the laws and maintains justice in the Triumvirate. At the head of the judicial branch is the Supreme Court where seven justices (one of whom is Chief Justice) have the ultimate decision on judicial affairs.

The courts in the Triumvirate work much like they work anywhere else, they settle disputes, try those who may be criminals, and keep balance between the other branches in the Triumvirate. It's very simple really. There are three types of cases:

  1. Criminal: Society vs. someone accused of a crime. These kind only come from the government (Department of Justice).
  2. Civil: People vs. People. This is the kind you may be a part in eventually if you have a dispute with someone. Say you have a legal dispute with another person or business (or even the government), this is that kind of trial.
  3. Differed Inquiry: This is not a trial but instead a question given to the courts to answer with no legal consequences for anyone.

The Triumvirate has attorneys who defend people and businesses in court, they are Triumvirate Legal Certified (which means they are recognized as one able to readily practice law. Being Legal Certified is like going through law school, you prove you have the knowledge to practice law.

If you ever need to, you can apply for a civil trial via TDJ:Request a Court Case and a court will take it up so you can make your case.

You have finished the guide on understanding the court system in the Triumvirate! Move on to guide #6: Guide:How the Legislative Process Works next to learn more about the Triumvirate

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