This is the tenth and last guide in the series of ten, this guide details how the political party system operates, visit the Guide page to view the others

Here we are, the last of the beginning guides, see how fast it's gone and how much you've already learned? You are well on your way to being a great member of the Triumvirate, there's just one last thing we should cover: political parties.

A political party is a group of at least 3 people who own a special IOF that possesses a board of at least 3 directors including a chairman and deputy chairman. They can spend and receive money just like any other IOF or business but they have some special rules set up by various laws such as that they are required to have a special structure.

A party sets up a platform, which is their beliefs, and people who want to join a party join the party closest to their own beliefs.

Party politics in the Triumvirate are interesting to watch. The Judicial Branch is not as influenced by them as say the Executive Branch and Administrative Branch are but the parties all work together to find the most agreeable solution.

Parties can do a lot of good for someone just getting started in the Triumvirate as they'll teach the political process and get someone on their feet, eventually getting them involved and even sponsoring them in elections later on if they would be a good candidate. It's important to check out all party options and, if you want to join one for a community, that you choose the one most closely relevant to your own political beliefs in the Triumvirate.

You can find a list of parties on the Political Parties page. Party pages will have information on their stances on issues, party leaders, and how to join them.

You have finished the guide on understanding how the Triumvirate political party system operates and, assuming you've read all the previous nine guides, you should now be fully functional as a member of the Triumvirate! Good luck and welcome aboard!

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