Head of Commerce and Industry of the Executive Branch
Seal of the Department of Commerce
Seal of the Department of Commerce
Current Position
Predecessor Anna Antoniou
General Position Overview
Purpose Leading the Department of Commerce, observing and influencing the economy of the Triumvirate, managing commerce in the Triumvirate.
Formed May 4, 2012
First Head of Commerce and Industry Stavrok
Preceding Positions Head of Finance

The Head of Commerce and Industry is an Executive Position that manages private sector economics within the Triumvirate. They lead the Department of Commerce and have important duties such as interacting and communicating with business leaders and updating transactions within the Triumvirate.


Along with leading the Department of Commerce, the Head of Commerce and Industry also has many other responsibilities such as the approval of spending accounts, negotiation for the government of the Triumvirate in private sector deals and affairs, and offering economic advice to the public. The Head of Commerce and Industry also manages the TTI, they do this by documenting and reporting the fluctuations and increase or decrease in the market each week.

Past Heads of Commerce and IndustryEdit

Stavrok, (5/4/12 → 2/2/13), considered the "father of the Triumvirate economy", he was also elected as the third Major Executive of the Universal Triumvirate.

Lanclot Rice, (4/14/13 → 2/6/14), went on to serve as the fifth Minor Executive following Andrew Hester's resignation from office.

Thomas Crick, (3/11/14 → 5/19/14)

Vulpes Arenas, (6/18/14 → 1/5/15), became the seventh Minor Executive in a special election after Major Executive Bleitze resigned and then Minor Executive Stenbach became Major Executive. He was later impeached.

Joseph Margall, (3/26/15 → 5/23/15)

Anna Antoniou, (5/29/15 → 10/23/15)

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