Head of Education and Dean of the Academy of the Executive Branch
Seal of the Department of Education
Seal of the Department of Education
Current Position
Entered Office May 1, 2015
Predecessor Edward Stenbach
General Position Overview
Purpose To head the Department of Education, manage certification and public education services, and to act as the dean of the Union Academy.
Formed May 3, 2012
First Head of Education and Dean of the Academy Nathan Maine
Preceding Positions Chief Historian, Head of Education
Last Head of Education and Dean of the Academy Edward Stenbach

The Head of Education and Dean of the Academy (often simply called the "Head of Education") is an Executive Position that serves the domestic Triumvirate by administrating Certification services such as Triumvirate Legal Certification and by providing public education measures such as documenting events and writing about them for educational use in the future. They head the Department of Education and they also act as the dean of the Union Academy, presiding over its administration and procedures.


The Head of Education manages certification services and also works on ways to keep the public educated on matters such as how the government works, how finances work in the Triumvirate, and the history of the Union. Many wiki pages that give a description or explain something may have been built by the Head of Education. They head the Department of Education, which serves at their pleasure to engage in education services and to help administer the tasks of education and research on behalf of the Triumvirate government.

On September 7, 2013, the government dissolved the position of Chief Historian and transferred all associated powers of the position to the Head of Education. On May 31, 2014, the government dissolved the position of Head of Research and merged their powers to the Head of Education as well, meaning that the Head of Education would also conduct polls and research for the government.

On March 14, 2015, Major Executive Stenbach's Union Academy Act was passed which created the Union Academy under the Head of Education and renamed the position to the "Head of Education and Dean of the Academy".

Certification ScholarshipsEdit

The Office of the Head of Education is proud to, effective May 15, 2015 under direction of Head of Education Edward Stenbach, offer scholarships to those who can demonstrate need, the practical investment of their certification, and due study for both Legal Certification and Historical Certification. We will pay for you to take a certification (10 tri value) exam if you can demonstrate that you are not able to afford it, that certification would help you advance your career goals and the Triumvirate going forward, and that you have put in the appropriate level of study. Contact the Head of Education to apply.

Past Heads of EducationEdit

Nathan Maine: (9/23/12 → 2/3/13) - Switched to Chief Historian

Ryan Bleitze: (9/1/13 → 9/1/13) - Switched to Head of the Treasury to fulfill the position when Andrew Hester abruptly resigned on the same day he entered office.

Lanclot Rice: (2/6/14 → 1/1/15)

Edward Stenbach: (5/1/15 → 2/22/16) - Went inactive during Winter Attacks.

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