This Institution Is Dissolved
This institution has been dissolved (removed from use) and no longer exists as a formal entity. This page is here so you can read about its history
Head of Finance of the Executive Branch
Seal of the Department of Finance
Seal of the Department of Finance
General Position Overview
Purpose To lead the Department of Finance, collect and manage money and assets for the Triumvirate, and protect the worth of the Triumvirate.
Formed Original Executive Position, January 27th, 2010
First Head of Finance Stavrok
Dissolved 5/4/12
Last Head of Finance Stavrok

The Head of Finance was a leading position in the Triumvirate Executive Branch until May 4, 2012. It managed almost everything having to do with the economy. It managed the Department of Finance which on May 4, 2012 was split into two new Departments: the Department of the Treasury and the Department of Commerce. The position was split at the same time into the Head of the Treasury and the Head of Commerce and Industry.


The Head of Finance was responsible for managing and keeping track of the economy of the Triumvirate. They advised the Executive Branch on all financial matters and made sure the economy in the Triumvirate stayed strong. They fulfilled all the duties covered by the modern Head of Commerce and Industry and the Head of the Treasury

Past Heads of FinanceEdit

Stavrok (With the original Executive Branch, February 2, 2010 → 7/3/10)

Zamorak Agent (12/14/10 → 12/13/11)

Stavrok (1/16/12 → 5/4/12)

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