Head of Intelligence of the Executive Branch
Seal of the Department of Intelligence
Seal of the Department of Intelligence
Current Position
Predecessor Spencer Kaye
Other Positions Freshman Executive
Party Progressive
Deputy Head of Intelligence Vacant
General Position Overview
Purpose To lead the Department of Intelligence, keep information for the Triumvirate, and defend the Triumvirate from espionage and other security threats.
Formed Original Executive Position, January 27th, 2010
First Head of Intelligence Ascencia
Preceding Positions Used to be called "Head of Knowledge"
Last Head of Intelligence Fenner Plecrov

The Head of Intelligence is an Executive position that leads the Department of Intelligence and manages most of the security for the Triumvirate. The first Head of Intelligence, Ascencia, a founding Executive, very clearly demonstrated the power and necessity of the Head of Intelligence.


The Head of Intelligence has several key responsibilities. Primarily they manage and run the Department of Intelligence along with overseeing cyber-security and counter-espionage for the entire Triumvirate. They also perform data-keeping and gathering.

Past Heads of IntelligenceEdit

Ascencia (At the creation of the position, 1/27/10 → 4/30/14): The first Head of Intelligence and one of the most eccentric, but brilliant minds in Triumvirate history. Until June 21, 2013 he had Reliaha as his Deputy Head of Intelligence, who aided dramatically in his work and was one of the finest minds in the Triumvirate defense and intelligence community. He resigned right before Ryan Bleitze took office as Major Executive, just as Major Executive Nathan Maine departed.

Fenner Plecrov, (6/18/14 → 1/23/16) Was relieved of position following the Winter Attacks.

Spencer Kaye, (1/23/16 → 5/4/17) Placed in the position by Major Executive Lancelot Rice during the Winter Attacks Era.

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