Head of Media of the Executive Branch
Seal of the Department of Media
Current Position
Entered Office July 20, 2015
Predecessor Spencer Kaye
Other Positions Freshman Executive
Party Union
General Position Overview
Purpose To advertise the Triumvirate and spread word to the public, lead the Department of Media
Formed Original Executive Position, January 27th, 2010
First Head of Media Trojan War

The Head of Media is an Executive position responsible for overseeing the apparel and advertising for the Triumvirate. They head the Department of Media so as to produce images, videos, and news reports for the government.


The Head of Media is responsible for advertising, broadcasting, creating imagery, and even research of media. They design and create images for the Triumvirate and spread the word of the Executive Branch and of the Triumvirate in general.

Publishing Subsidies Edit

In an effort to encourage private publication, the office of the Head of Media will be subsidizing written publications.

  • The Head of Media shall pay ∇10 for every ten pages (standardized page size, font, and font size) produced as private publication.
  • This subsidy will not take ownership away from the publisher, nor will it interfere with publication copyrights.
  • This program will expire January 1, 2016.


The Head of Media has been one of the most eccentric positions in the Triumvirate with regards to who has been it. The position has been plagued with suspicions and criminal intents by and against its holders. Its holders have been revealed as spies, been a consistent pox to the Union, or simply disappeared. Some consider the position "cursed" as a result and some say that this may result from the fact that the Triumvirate's founder, Zerouh, was fearful of their Department (the former Department of Media - since removed and then restored) and the potential corruption that could ensue if it became too powerful. The "curse" hindering the Head of Media may come about by some mechanism of Zerouh's to make sure the position or the Department became too powerful.

Past Heads of MediaEdit

Trojan War (3/18/10 → ?)

Darkness0988 (5/6/10 → 5/15/10): He turned out to, within a few short days, be a spy against the Triumvirate.

Nuker W (6/12/10 → 7/31/10)

Ellee (10/13/10 → 12/19/10)

Red (7/16/12 → 8/19/12)

Spencer Kaye (2/3/13 → 9/4/14): The Department of Media was dissolved under his time in office on February 27, 2014, making the Head of Media a lone position.

Alicia Pembrook (9/4/14 → 11/30/14)

Spencer Kaye (1/1/15 → 4/7/15)

Jackson Eden (7/20/15 → 9/13/15): The Department of Media was reestablished in June of 2015 prior to Eden taking office.

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