Head of Naturalization of the Executive Branch
Vulpes Arenas
Seal of the Department of Naturalization
Current Position
Entered Office July 1, 2017
Predecessor Henry Gobar
Other Positions Sophomore Executive
Party Establishment
General Position Overview
Purpose To lead the Department of Naturalization, oversee citizenship services, and manage immigration within the Triumvirate
Formed February 22, 2013
First Head of Naturalization Satine Ehtya
Preceding Positions Director of Résumé Services
Last Head of Naturalization Henry Gobar

The Head of Naturalization is an Executive Position who oversees the Department of Naturalization, runs the Résumé system, and aides in immigration of people to the Triumvirate.


The Head of Naturalization has the primary responsibilities of handling the résumé system and recruiting people to the Triumvirate. They assist in managing listings and records of all Triumvirate citizens, and also provide input on how to improve citizenship services and privileges.

Past Heads of NaturalizationEdit

Satine Ehtya (10/2/13 → 4/9/14)

Fenner Plecrov (4/9/14 → 4/20/14) Plecrov was discovered to a spy of Desolare's, and was promptly impeached and removed from the Executive Branch.

Andrew Hester (5/4/14 → 6/26/14)

Allan Frankland (7/21/14 → 10/20/14)

Lanclot Rice (1/1/15 → 12/3/15)

Henry Gobar (12/3/15 → 4/5/17) Temporarily resigned to become the temporary Speaker of the Administration during the Winter War.

Vulpes Arenas (4/5/17 → Present)

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