This Institution Is Dissolved
This institution has been dissolved (removed from use) and no longer exists as a formal entity. This page is here so you can read about its history
Head of Research and Analysis of the Executive Branch
Seal of the Head of Research
Seal of the Head of Research
General Position Overview
Purpose To collect data, conduct polls, and put together reports for the Triumvirate.
Formed July 16th, 2011
First Head of Research and Analysis Red
Dissolved May 31, 2014
Last Head of Research and Analysis Yugi Templeton

The Head of Research was an Executive Position that performs studies for the Executive Branch. This included polling, data-analysis, and report compiling. They were used to put together reports on studies requested by the Triumvirate or the Executive Branch. The position was dissolved on May 31, 2014, with its duties merged into that of the Head of Education.


While primarily the Head of Research performs studies and polls for the Executive Branch, they also serve the Triumvirate by assembling reports and looking at data to make predictions or get strong information for use by the Triumvirate. They work closely with the Head of Intelligence for a few of these points.

Past Heads of ResearchEdit

Red (10/17/11 → 11/2/11) Nothing done in office, temporary adjustment

Mitar Curesse (12/11/11 → 9/1/13)

Xytan Xenith (10/2/13 → 2/6/14)

Yugi Templeton (2/8/14 → 3/12/14)

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