Head of the Archive of the Executive Branch
Seal of the Department of the Archive
Current Position
Entered Office February 25, 2016
Predecessor Horatio Eden
Deputy Head of the Archive Vacant
General Position Overview
Purpose To manage the Archive, lead the Department of the Archive, and publish the UTSL and the UTC.
Formed April 29, 2014
First Head of the Archive Theodore Crown
Preceding Positions Chief Historian
Last Head of the Archive Horatio Eden

The Head of the Archive is an Executive Position which leads the Department of the Archive and is responsible for managing, improving, and expanding the Archive. They are also responsible for the adding of laws to the Universal Triumvirate Statutes at Large and publishing the Universal Triumvirate Code.

Past Heads of the ArchiveEdit

Theodore Crown (5/1/2014 - 1/1/16) Retired

Emma Amtra (1/26/16 - 2/22/16) Impeached by EB

Horatio Eden (2/25/16 - 4/5/17) Replaced Emma Amtra. Played a pivotal role in merging the Whestcorean people with the Triumvirate Government.

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