Head of the Treasury of the Executive Branch
Shimon Stern
Seal of the Department of the Treasury
Seal of the Department of the Treasury
Current Position
Entered Office January 24, 2016
Predecessor Andrew Hester
Party Progressive
General Position Overview
Purpose To manage the assets of the government, make money for the government, and manage government spending programs.
Formed May 4, 2012
First Head of the Treasury Andrew Hester
Preceding Positions Head of Finance

The Head of the Treasury is a member of the Executive Branch who oversees public policy when it comes to economics. They manage the government held money and create programs to bring in money for the government.


The primary duty of the Head of the Treasury is leading the Department of the Treasury, which is an Executive Department responsible for making, spending, and managing money for the government of the Triumvirate. The Head of the Treasury manages the workers in the department and they look into good investments and spending measures for the government.

The Head of the Treasury and their Department are also responsible for protecting the safety and the value of the Triumvirate currency: the Tri. Being well learned in economics and economic theory is a must for those in the position.

The Head of the Treasury is the one who makes all transaction checks out from the government to those who the government is paying.

Should the Department of Naturalization ever be in a time when it can't pay off its debts, the Head of the Treasury assumes managing control of the Department of Naturalization with the Head of the Treasury able to delegate some jobs to Treasury employees. This control however does not include constitutional powers of the Head of Naturalization, such as voting on new legislation.

Past Heads of the TreasuryEdit

Andrew Hester, (5/6/12 → 9/1/13) He established many precedents for the office and role of the Department of the Treasury. He was also elected as the fourth Minor Executive. Resigned from office as both Minor Executive and Head of the Treasury on September 1, 2013, at the start of the new trimester due to the political environment in the Triumvirate.

Ryan Bleitze, (9/1/13 → 4/30/14) He assumed role as Head of the Treasury after Andrew Hester's resignation from office. Bleitze was then elected as Major Executive for 2014-II.

Andrew Hester, (6/26/14 → 10/21/2015) He was instrumental in the establishing account limits on government accounts as a result of the Government Account Limitations Act. The powers of the Head of the Treasury were expanded a bit with Major Executive Stenbach's Naturalization Contingency Act which gave the Head of the Treasury the power to take over the Department of Naturalization should it go into debt it could not pay (See responsibilities). Shortly after he was instrumental in expanding on the Foreign Currency started by the CLEAN Act and allowing citizens the ability to freely trade Tris for foreign currency with the Foreign Currency Asset Act.

John Brayer, (11/13/2015 → 1/23/16)

Andrew Hester, (1/24/16 → 5/4/17)

Shimon Stern, (5/7/17 → Current} Shimon took office during the rebuilding phase of the Triumvirate.

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