This page is to document all past polls conducted by Corporate Corporation that are over two months old.

August 1st, 2013 PollEdit

Out of 24 people polled, 15 replied (or 62.5%).

Monthly SectionEdit

The following parts are indicated from 0-10, 0 being the lowest with 10 being the highest. 5-6 is considered the neutral area. Note that the people who were the subject of the poll (Like Major Executive Maine or Head of Intelligence Ascencia) were not able to rate themselves.

Average ratingsEdit

  • Triumvirate as a whole: 8
  • Economics in the Triumvirate: 7
  • Security in the Triumvirate: 8
  • Executive Branch as a whole: 6.1
  • Administrative Branch as a whole: 6.5
  • Judicial Branch: 7.2
  • Major Executive, Nathan Maine: 7.2
  • Minor Executive and Head of the Treasury, Andrew Hester: 7.1
  • Chief Ambassador and Chairman of the JCC, Jackson: 7.1
  • Head of Intelligence, Ascencia: 5.7
  • Head of Research, Mitar Curesse: 3.1
  • Head of Media, Spencer Kaye: 4.4
  • Head of Commerce and Industry, Lanclot Rice: 4.3
  • Administrative Liason, Mitchell Carrick: 5.5
  • Speaker of the Administration, Andrew Mearl: 6.7
  • Deputy Speaker of the Administration, Ryan Bleitze: 4.6
  • Progressive Party: 6.1
  • Establishment Party: 6.7
  • Union Party: 7
  • Libertarian Party: 5.5
  • Stimulus Act: 6
  • Banking Code: 8.6
  • Monetary Code: 8.5

The Peoples' Faith in BusinessesEdit

  • General Media: 7.7
  • First Nation Consulting: 7.2
  • Corporate Corporation: 8.3
  • Corporate Banking and Finance: 7.1
  • Kaye Production Company: 5

Curiosity QuestionsEdit

  • Do you play RuneScape?
    • 3 said yes (20%)
    • 1 said sometimes (6.67%)
    • 11 said no (73.33%
  • Have you ever played RuneScape in the past?
    • 7 said yes (46.67%)
    • 8 said no (53.33%)
  • Do you play Star Wars the Old Republic?
    • 2 said yes (13.33%)
    • 13 said no (86.67%)
  • Do you think the Triumvirate is better off now than it was at the start of the term?
    • 12 said yes (80%)
    • 3 said no (20%)
  • Do you play any online game that you could play with others?
    • 4 answered yes
      • If you answered yes, which games? (Note that in this instance some individuals listed more than one game oustide of RuneScape, while some choose not to answer.)
        • 3 said Minecraft
        • 1 said League of Legends
        • 2 said Halo
        • 2 said Call of Duty
        • 2 said Gears of War
        • 2 said Mass Effect
        • 2 said Star wars empire at war
        • 2 said Sins of a solar empire
  • Do you play any kind of game?
    • 10 said yes (66.67%)
      • If you answered yes, what genre? (Note that in this instance some individuals listed more than one genre, while some choose not to answer.)
        • 5 said Strategy
        • 4 said First person shooter
        • 2 said Role Playing
        • 1 said poker
    • 5 said no (33.33%)


Administrative Branch trumps Executive BranchEdit

It's assumed that some favor the Administrative Branch over the Executive Branch due to both some favoring the conservative nature of the Administrative Branch or don't like how the Executive Branch as a whole with handling the Administrative Branch with including them in discussions with new laws. However both branches are trumped by the Judicial Branch which has yet to do anything this trimester but for better or worse has nothing to do at this time.

Corporate Corporation Faith Stronger than General MediaEdit

In a surprising result, the people's faith in Corporate Corporation is an average of .6 stronger than General Media, one speculative reason could be that General Media owner and CEO Ehyta plans to retire this year effectively passing the business to his brother Aaron who has yet to be known in the business community. Another could be that Corporate Corporation has expanding it's operations in recent months. It is unsurprising that Kaye Production Company has a neutral base as it's the new business in the Triumvirate and has yet to gain tri.

Maine, Hester and J. Mearl neck in neckEdit

On average Major Executive Nathan Maine has the highest average rating among the indivudals with a 7.2 with Minor Executive Andrew Hester and Chief Ambassador Jackson Mearl tying at 7.1, while it's likely that this is due to the fact that Maine is getting things done despite an Administrative Branch that is less than ideal for his agenda. It's unclear at this point as to why Hester and J. Mearl are closely following behind so close to Maine. This does not boad well for Major Executive challenger Administrative Liaison who is 1.7 points lower than his opponent.

Union Party Top PartyEdit

The Union Party ranked highest amung the parties, minus the new Authority Party that was created after the polls went out. It could be speculated that people favor the Union party's non-political stances in trying to get things done and getting opposing sides to compromise more. Although the Establishment party is close behind by .3 points signalling that people could be shifting towards more conservative ideals as the Progressive party is .6 points behind the Establishment party. The Libertarian and Authority Parties have yet to be tested and we'll see how they fair in next months polls.

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