Triumvirate Historical Certification is a government certification granted by the Head of Education and Dean of the Academy pursuant to 20 UTC Chapter 5, which, for those certified, affirms that they are "a scholar in Triumvirate history, adequate to teach and research history to its fullest." The program was originally created via the Historical Certification Act, a project of Major Executive Edward Stenbach's in 2014-III.

The test costs 10 tri, payable to the Office of the Head of Education and Dean of the Academy.

There are two tests which both must be completed within five days from the start of the testing process. The first test (75% of the total), is 50 multiple choice questions. The second (25% of the total), is a writing portion on historical analysis. A score of at least 85% is required to achieve certification.

Once historical certification is obtained, you possess it permanently.

Privileges of Those CertifiedEdit

Aside from being considered an expert in Triumvirate history and receiving the title of "Dr.", Historical Certification is required to be elected as Head of the Archive, Head of Education and Dean of the Academy,

Those certified also get complete access to all non-confidential parts of the Archive, made available on request to the Head of the Archive. Access is also given to the private section of the general forum for those with current certifications (including Legal Certification).

Individuals Allowed to Administer the TestEdit

The Head of Education is the primary position permitted to administer the test, but they may give that power to others, the following individuals are allowed to administer the test:

Certified IndividualsEdit

Everyone certified should be listed here.

  • Theodore Crown: Certified 2.15.15
  • Edward Stenbach: Certified 2.16.15
  • Henry Gobar: Certified 4.6.15
  • Lanclot Rice: Certified 6.4.15

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