Investment Industries

Investment Industries operates as the largest banking institution in the Triumvirate, dedicated to giving both big and small loans and providing decent interest on large deposits.


Investment Industries is proud to offer quality loans at low rates so that you can invest today on a better tomorrow. Post requests or questions about loans Talk:II/Banking to apply or get more information today!


With a minimum deposit of ∇100, Investment Industries banking services offers a yearly interest rate of 3%, compounded monthly (rounded down based on time of withdrawal). You can determine your interest using this formula:

Future \ Value = Present \ Value \left(1 + \frac{0.03}{12}\right)^{{(12)}{(Years)}}

For example, if you invest ∇500, in 6 months you would have ∇507, in 2 years ∇515, in 5 years ∇580.

Deposits only begin to accrue interest after a first day of the month has intervened (ex. If you deposited on January 18, the first month begins on February 1 and interest is added and compounded at the end of each month). Deposits can be withdrawn at any time but if they are withdrawn prior to month end, only interest from the month prior will be accounted for.

Relevant RegulationsEdit

As a prominent banking institution, Investment Industries is required to comply with various banking regulations imposed by the government. First and foremost, all banking institutions are required to maintain a reserve requirement of 50% of all assets (this means we can only loan out 50% of our assets and must maintain 50% of assets in hard funds in our accounts), this is a way to guarantee we can meet withdrawals as they come in and are not overly aggressive in making loans. 14 UTC §8 requires that, if the total asset value of a bank exceeds ∇2,000, other standards are held (a board managing the bank rather than one individual, maximum loan value compliance, and rules for shutdown).

The Brayer-Braugh Act (LAW 2015-II-10), which goes into effect on August 1, 2015, eases some of these requirements and reduces the reserve requirement down to 40% (meaning we would be able to loan out 60% of our deposits) while only applying it to deposits (not to all assets). It also increases the standard for being considered a maximum asset bank to ∇3,500.

Deposit insurance is guaranteed by 14 UTC §11 up to ∇50 per depositor.

Assets and LiabilitiesEdit

Our public accounting is done here, take a look to see assets, liabilities, and capital.

Assets Liabilities
∇584 required reserves ∇500 deposit from Ehtya Trust (deposited 2.20.15)
∇153 excess reserves ∇400 deposit from Bradford Durand (deposited 4.29.15)
4 B-series bonds, redeemable for ∇200 on February 15, 2016 (bought for ∇48 each) ∇250 deposit from Esteemi Evantsu (deposited 4.30.15)
∇47 loan to Dread & Feld (4.29.15), ∇50 due (6.83% interest) by January 1, 2016 ∇150 deposit from John Brayer (deposited 4.30.15)
6 C-series bonds, redeemable for ∇300 on June 25, 2016 (bought for ∇48 each) ∇60 special deposit (under ∇100 limit) from TID 13 (deposited 11.22.15)
2 TDN bonds, redeemable for ∇100 on March 8, 2016 (bought for ∇47 each) ∇100 deposit from Department of Naturalization (deposited 12.4.15)
4 TDJ bonds, redeemable for ∇200 on May 22, 2016 (bought for ∇43 each)
∇150 loan to Thiem Direct
Owners' Equity
14 shares in Prime Personnel ∇220
20 shares in General Defense + Total share value
21 shares in General Media
Total: ∇1,680 (+total share value) Total: ∇1,680 (+total share value)

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