Investment Industries

All Investment Industries shareholders are entitled to be able to elect/remove the CEO of Investment Industries. A total of 200 shares of Investment Industries stock exist at this time.

Current ShareholdersEdit

Name Position(s) Within Investment Industries Shares Owned  % Total shares Notes
Howard Coleson CEO 25 12.5%
Ehtya Trust 80 40%
Luke Cannon 30 15%
Harrison Mearl 25 12.5%
Charles Sessions 20 10%
Adelyn Ewart 10 5%
Clark McDearny 10 5%

Share SalesEdit

To offer to buy/sell share, please list your name, the total amount you wish to buy/sell, how much you are willing to buy/sell for, and how someone may contact you to sell/purchase your shares.

Share Sale OffersEdit

Share Buy OffersEdit

  • John Brayer: willing to buy 20 shares at 3 tri each (60 tri total)

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