An industry is a division of products and services made in the Triumvirate, and all Triumvirate businesses and products can be filed into one of them. There are six main industries in the Triumvirate: Media, Engineering, Exchanges, Research, Legal, and Security. Often abbreviated MEXRLS.

Industry SectorsEdit


The Media Industry consists of products and services such as videos, images, artwork, publishing, advertisement, literature, news, and other visual works. A prime media company is General Media.


The Engineering industry does technical design, infrastructure planning, manufacturing, and development.


The Exchanges Industry has to do with primarily financial products and services such as currency conversions, banking, and investment.


The Research Industry serves several purposes: development, study, and science. It is typically employed by other industries or the government instead of selling products directly to individuals since most of its goods or information are of little value to individuals. Education and teaching businesses would also fall under this industry.


The Legal Industry performs services having to do with politics, government, and the courts. Private attorneys, legal advice, and even government lobbyists fall into this industry. It is almost entirely service based as it offers very few products. A prime legal company is First Nation Consulting.


The Security Industry deals with protection of person, information, or property. Services such as personal protection, insurance, and data-keeping compose most of the Security Industry.

Non Industry SectorsEdit


A conglomerate is when a business engages in entirely different industries, this usually involves a parent organization and many subsidiaries. Conglomerates generally would form from the merging of two businesses, but could also form from a business branching out from it's starting industry. A prime conglomerate is Corporate Corporation, which falls under the Media, Exchanges and Research Industries.

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