Investment Industries
"Invest in Investing"
Investment Industries
IOF/Business Overview
IOF Type Corporate Bank
IOF Number 17
Founded March 27, 2014 by Adelyn Ewart
Industry Exchanges
CEO Howard Coleson
Employees One

Now under new management, Investment Industries is now public! You can buy a share in Investment Industries on this page: II/Shareholders

Investment Industries is a financial investment firm that can take your money and get you more. By making wise investments and having expert financial knowledge on hand, we offer different kinds of mutual funds which you can choose based on how much you're willing to investment and at what risk level. You get to choose, you customize your investments to your needs, and we do the heavy lifting.

We also provide ratings on various bonds and shares in the market, free of charge, here. We analyze the risks, the payoffs, and all of the various details, so that you have the information you need to invest wisely.

Business PlanEdit

What would a sizable, functioning, active bank allow in the Triumvirate? To show you the possibilities, I'll give you an example. The government requests a loan of 500 tri from Investment Industries, why? To buy 4 new citizens from Prime Personnel. Investment Industries provides this loan to the government because that is what a bank does, the government can then buy right now what it would have had to wait months to buy. That is the miracle of loans and banks, it allows us to purchase today what we cannot afford for years.

Investment Industries is invested in providing high quality banking, loan, and financial services such as share and bond evaluations, high-level loans, and practical measures for the private industry and the government alike.

Stop waiting until tomorrow for what you can do today. Invest in investing.

Banking and LoansEdit

Investment Industries is willing and able to make large loans to various parties for fair interest rates. For more information, go to II/Banking.


Investment Industries offers free and public ratings of shares and bonds within the Triumvirate (including foreign and corporate bonds). See more at II/Ratings.

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