Written By: John Brayer, Underspeaker of the Administration

Released: September 27, 2015

Major Executive Charles Sessions gave his State of the Union earlier today, and in it, he laid out his vision for a vision “of the few, for the many,” for a government of elitists, a people taxed and burdened by big government, and a Majorate who refuses to acknowledge accountability, feeling cozy and comforted by his hundreds of tri in PAC funds, his electoral security, and his pompous Cosmopolitan elitism.

What the Major Executive ignores is the most powerful institution in the Triumvirate: you, the individual. Instead, he wants to charge every single individual in order to fund his over-spending, over-regulatory, incompetent, and inefficient government. That’s right, he’d rather you get kicked out of the Triumvirate for failing to pay money, making the Triumvirate a pay-to-play, truly elite, with no room for those who may care deeply but truly cannot find work.

This Charles Charge is a scam, it’s a mechanism to make us each feel like we’re paying an “equal share” into the Triumvirate, in order to pay for lofty government programs, including the wage for these high-strung elitist politicians and for government programs that fail to work! What’s worse is that it disproportionately affects those who make the least amount of money, because it’s not a percentage fine, and it means that they very poor, those with 10 tri or less, lose 100% of their funds to this fine, whereas someone whose net worth is 750 tri, such as Sessions’ elitist friends managing his political action committee, only pay 1.3% of their net worth. Is that fair? No. It’s unbalanced, disproportional, and it allows the government to take from the poor to pay for programs that disproportionately advantage the rich.

How does he justify it? He says you can make enough money to “stay around” if he implements a minimum wage, something that was rejected last trimester outright because it would kill jobs. He says you can just recruit a citizen to get money, something that has been the case for years and yet, no citizen regularly does it - a wasteful government program with minimal (if any) long-run results, characteristic of the Sessions Majorate. He says that he’ll need to restructure the Constitution to make this work, taking out the cap on paying government officials – so that he can pay Executives, so he's asking the public to all pay in so he can expand his paycheck.

But the Charles Charge is just one of the terrible ideas Charles Sessions is trying to work on this trimester. He says, “I will be putting the pressure necessary on individual Executives to see to it they do their jobs, or face the consequences, because there is no excuse anymore for Executives to be slacking,” yet he continuously bails out and refuses to take a stand against the Executives who have consistently failed to do their jobs. Head of Naturalization Rice has failed to produce a single recruit on his own, has seen minimal gains in recruitment, and has condemned the few that actually have managed to produce meaningful recruits! He’s also been famously hostile to the public, the same public he claims to support; the populist-in-name-only Rice should have been impeached months ago, but thanks to the weak advocacy of the leftists and of Major Executive Sessions. Rice is someone who, when the public was polled by none other than Rice himself, only 38% of them said they approved of his performance while 52% said they disapproved and 10% were undecided. Let alone Sessions Chief of Staff, who has done not one thing and will be collecting a government paycheck nonetheless, or the Head of Intelligence who has outright refused to speak to me on several occasions when I requested that he be more publicly accountable considering he's supposed to be in charge of protecting the Triumvirate.

Sessions wants to push the barriers of internationalism in order to divert attention from his domestic failures, yet the incapacity of the Department of State and Department of Intelligence to the point that this government actually negotiated and signed a treaty with a nation that did not even exist! Sessions furthermore claims his LEAD Act will revolutionize the Executive Branch by giving Executives regulatory authority, leading only to a regulatory state and putting burdens on businesses and individuals; Sessions’ crusade against the individual has gone far enough.

The Libertarian Party is resolute: reject the Charles Charge, say no to a pay-to-play Triumvirate, and tell the elitist Cosmopolitan oligarchy that it’s time to start listening to the public, to the individuals, instead of listening to their pocketbooks and their own egos. The era of elite, big government, anti-individualism, crony socialism, corruption, and a lack of any form of public accountability needs to end. It’s time to start holding the Major Executive, the Executive Branch, and all of our political officials accountable. It’s time to stand up for the individual, stand up for free markets, and stand up for a Triumvirate where any individual can succeed, not just those who have the political connections and who are friends with those in power.

The Libertarian State of the Union is poor, but it can change, and it will change, when the public holds their officials to a higher standard and decries the elitist culture we’ve been told is “normal here.” It’s not normal, and elitism does not mix with capitalism, if we want to have a strong government, we need our government open, our markets free, and our officials accountable.

-John Brayer, Underspeaker of the Administration

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