Judicial Branch of the Universal Triumvirate
Seal of the Judicial Branch
The Seal of the Universal Triumvirate Judicial Branch
Chief Justice Esteemi Evantsu
Chief Attorney Clark McDearny
Composure A Constitutionally provided Supreme Court with five Justices and lower courts created by the Executive Branch
Purpose To perform as the court system of the Triumvirate.
Established August 16th, 2010
Significant Documents Article 5 and Article 8 of the Constitution

The Judicial Branch of the Universal Triumvirate is not one institution of government unlike the other two branches, it is a collection of courts (with three tiers) with an ultimate and final Supreme Court. They are responsible for keeping justice in the Triumvirate and the courts under the Judicial Branch fulfill a variety of roles such as deciding disputes, trying criminals, and even interpreting the Constitution. The "leaders" of the Judicial Branch are Justices and Judges. Justices are the same as judges except they are only in the Supreme Court, judges are the chairs of inferior courts.

Role and ResponsibilitiesEdit

The Judicial Branch, as it is composed of the courts in the Triumvirate, has a very complex system of how it handles varying cases. It decides guilt in criminal cases, decides verdicts in civil cases, and even answers questions given to it in differed question cases. Many policies and laws influence the decisions so the judges and justices diligently working as heads of courts must maintain a strong understanding of Triumvirate law.

The Supreme CourtEdit

Main article: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is the ultimate court in the Triumvirate, they have the final say on all judicial matters. They hear cases appealed to them by lower courts as well as cases involving foreign powers, Executives, or on the charge of treason. Five justices (one of whom is the Chief Justice) serve on the Supreme Court, nominated by the Executive Branch and confirmed by the Administration.

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