Kaye Production Company
IOF/Business Overview
IOF Type Company
IOF Number 11
Founded July 1, 2013 by Spencer Kaye
Industry Media
Owned By Spencer Kaye
Employees 2

Welcome to the Kaye Production Company. We are a Universal Triumvirate media business, and we offer a wide variety of services. The KPC offers real world experiences in web development, marketing, and media production to the people of the Triumvirate in a professional yet casual manor. Whether you are looking for a nice new headshot, a logo for your company, or a website design, look no further. Kaye Production Co. will get you what you want. Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are looking for a quote on a project or interested in applying for a job, or you can contact me at

Our ServicesEdit

  • Production of logos, portraits, or other images
  • Production of Youtube Videos
  • Design forum themes
  • Web design
  • Advertising
  • Research
  • Custom Minecraft Skins
  • Minecraft Server setup tutorials
  • Youtube channel design

Triumvirate News NetworkEdit

Triumvirate News Network, a subsidiary of The Kaye Production Company, is the newly formed news division focused on informing the public of events going on in The Universal Triumvirate. The new team will soon begin to periodically produce news videos and updates on the construction of the Universal City on the Minecraft server. It is also the objective of TNN to keep voters as informed as possible by producing campaign advertisements and informational videos.


  • All large projects will require a 50% deposit before the project is started.


Press ReleasesEdit


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