Triumvirate Legal Certification is an official, recognized, international title first established by the Triumvirate when the original idea was tabled by the Triumvirate's founder, Zerouh, who also served as the Major Executive of the Union at the time. It is provided for by the 20 UTC Chapter 2 and its purpose is to provide not only the Triumvirate community, but also the external community with a difficult but very relevant and assistive legal certification that would be internationally recognized and many factions (particularly the Triumvirate) could use to identify legal experts and those who serve of use in legal affairs.

The Executive Branch and the Head of Education oversee the application of this certification and assign the process for testing such as giving the test to individuals seeking certification. There are three tests in the entire testing process and an 85% average between the three is required to achieve certification. These tests include one on United States Constitutional Law, one on Triumvirate law, and a test on legal persuasion and interpretation.

It is the equivalent of the passage of law school and the passage of the bar exam all wrapped into one simple certification for use in the Triumvirate.

It costs 10 tri to take the test on each attempt, payable to the office of the Head of Education.

Once you obtain a legal certification, it is viable and outstanding until your membership is revoked from the Triumvirate. Once you leave the Triumvirate, legal certifications are nullified and you must become certified once again.

Practical Use and FunctionalityEdit

Possessing current Legal Certification has several major functions and useful benefits. These include full access to all legal documents within the Triumvirate, readily available legal resources, legal consult offered by the Triumvirate and others possessing certification, and an internationally acknowledged certification in superiority in law. It also gives several additional abilities within the Triumvirate: it is required that attorneys working for the Triumvirate possess Legal Certification while they stay as an attorney for the Triumvirate. It is also required that Justices and judges along with the Chief Attorney, Head of the Archive, and Head of Education have certification while they enter office.

Those with certification also may use the title "Dr." and have access to a private section of the general forum for those with certifications (including Historical Certification).

Individuals Allowed to Administer the TestEdit

The law states that those the Executive Branch appoint may administer the test but primarily the Head of Education and those positions affiliated with them. All those stated below may administer the test to those who request it.

Certified IndividualsEdit

Everyone certified should be listed here.

  • Esteemi Evantsu: Certified since 6/8/11
  • Theodore Crown: Certified since 1/15/12
  • Edward Stenbach: Certified since 7/26/13
  • Leonard Misset: Certified since 2/6/14
  • Luke Cannon: Certified since 7/30/14
  • Aaron Ehtya: Certified since 8/28/14
  • Clark McDearny: Certified since 9/11/14
  • John Brayer: Certified since 9/11/14
  • Ronald Afferson: Certified since 1/13/15
  • Adelyn Ewart: Certified since 2/16/15
  • Charles Sessions: Certified since 3/12/15
  • Robert Osman: Certified since 3/14/15
  • Satine Ehtya: Certified since 4/10/15
  • Matthew Dread: Certified since 5/2/15
  • Arthur Feld: Certified since 5/2/15
  • Lanclot Rice: Certified since 6/7/15
  • Harrison Mearl: Certified since 6/22/15

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