A Major Order is a military-related decree by the acting Major Executive. They fall under the commander-in-chief powers of the Major Executive and were first initiated under Major Executive Neil.

They are organized in the following way: MO-*year**trimester*-*number*, ex. MO-2013ii-003

List of Major OrdersEdit

Major Executive Elliot Neil (2013-I)Edit

MO-2013i-001: All military, defense, security, diplomatic, or other matters pertaining to the immediate or future security of the state may only be so ordered by the acting Major Executive, or by the Executive Branch, or by the laws and resolutions passed by the government. The appropriate entities may assigned or delegate some of these decision-making powers to other appropriate entities. [MAJOR EXECUTIVE NEIL, 3.5.13]

MO-2013i-002: All military technology, property, devices, or otherwise weapons shall only be utilized on direct order by the acting Major Executive (or delegated to be utilized by another by the Major Executive), and must always be able to directly be accessed by the Major Executive. [MAJOR EXECUTIVE NEIL, 3.5.13]

MO-2013i-003: During the lame duck period, after the election of a Major Executive in which a new Executive is preparing to take upon the office, the incoming Major Executive shall have full entitlements to all information available to the Major Executive at full capacity, and to know of all actions of the Major Executive office in that period of time. [MAJOR EXECUTIVE NEIL, 3.5.13] (Note: Made law via the Intelligence Confidentiality Policy)

MO-2013i-004: All seizures of property in military actions shall become property of the government. [MAJOR EXECUTIVE NEIL, 4.30.13]

Major Executive Nathan Maine (2013-II, 2013-III, 2014-I)Edit

MO-2013ii-001: The Triumvirate shall not commit or aide any attack against a foreign power for political reasons. [MAJOR EXECUTIVE MAINE, 5.2.13]

MO-2013iii-001: The Department of Intelligence, Chief of Staff to the Major Executive, Joint Command Council, or defense establishment may not, for any reason, be suspended due to lapse of funding. [MAJOR EXECUTIVE MAINE, 11.3.13]

MO-2013iii-002: Funds permitted for use by the Department of Intelligence, Major Executive, or defense establishment that are possessed by their respective accounts may, for no reason, be put on hold or denied usage of except by order of the Executive Branch directly. [MAJOR EXECUTIVE MAINE, 11.3.13]

MO-2014i-001: By order of the Major Executive, an Executive who is suspected or guilty of espionage may be temporarily removed (for a period of no greater than 48 hours) from the Executive Branch website or services, provided that they maintain the ability to vote and comment by proxy and remain entitled to be notified of any movements against them. [MAJOR EXECUTIVE MAINE, 4.18.14]

Major Executive Ryan Bleitze (2014-II)Edit

MO-2014ii-001: No business or citizen may conspire, negotiate, or partake in foreign commercial interactions without permission from either a treaty, the Major Executive, or the Chief Ambassador. [MAJOR EXECUTIVE BLEITZE, 5.1.14] [Ruled unconstitutional on 6.17.14 in General Defense vs. The Universal Triumvirate]

MO-2014ii-002: Any foreign state, individual, corporation, or non-governmental institution which is in the process of developing weapons that concern the Triumvirate shall be monitored by the Department of Intelligence. [MAJOR EXECUTIVE BLEITZE, 5.1.14] [Ruled unconstitutional on 6.17.14 in General Defense vs. The Universal Triumvirate]

MO-2014ii-003: No weapons shall be sold, distributed, or moved from anywhere in the jurisdiction of the Triumvirate to outside the Triumvirate, including to allies, foreign businesses, or foreign citizens. [MAJOR EXECUTIVE BLEITZE, 5.19.14] [Ruled unconstitutional on 6.17.14 in General Defense vs. The Universal Triumvirate]

MO-2014ii-004: All businesses, non-governmental institutions, or individuals who possess weapons in the jurisdiction of the Triumvirate shall be required to report them, the full capabilities of such, and their intent for such to the Department of Intelligence. Weapons currently in development must have stages of development (including concept, initiation, and completion) similarly reported. [MAJOR EXECUTIVE BLEITZE, 5.19.14] [Ruled unconstitutional on 6.17.14 in General Defense vs. The Universal Triumvirate]

Major Executive Lancelot Rice (2016-I, 2017-II)Edit

MO-2016i-001:For the remainder of the trimester, all transactions are hereby prohibited. The Triumvirate financial system will begin session on the date of May 1st, 2016. Only the Triumvirate government may have permission to perform transactions. [MAJOR EXECUTIVE RICE, 1.23.16]

MO-2016i-002:The Major Executive may deny access to the Triumvirate forum based on security reasons with solid evidence. Those who are turned away are to be listed along with the reason for denial. [MAJOR EXECUTIVE RICE, 1.23.16]

MO-2016i-003:Any computer based weaponry is required to be registered with the Major Executive. [MAJOR EXECUTIVE RICE, 1.23.16]

MO-2016i-004:All Executives who are elected during the duration of 2016-I are required to have a case file for the easy access of the Major Executive, and after retirement, will be subject to archive by the Department of Intelligence. [MAJOR EXECUTIVE RICE, 1.23.16]

MO-2016i-005:The Major Executive, during a period of emergency, may maintain sole administrative rights over the forum, and all the property therein the Triumvirate. [MAJOR EXECUTIVE RICE, 1.23.16]

MO-2016i-006:Effective immediately, all important documents and files critical to the Triumvirate should be obtained and kept safe with no less than 3 members, one of which being the Major Executive. [MAJOR EXECUTIVE RICE, 1.24.16]

MO-2017ii-001: The Triumvirate shall maintain an emergency fund of ∇500 for explicit use in the event of emergency. This fund shall be kept separate from the main treasury, and will be maintained by the government of the Triumvirate with the ability to use funds being held by the Major Executive or the majority of the Executive and Administrative Branches. [MAJOR EXECUTIVE RICE, 5.9.17]

MO-2017ii-002: The funds aforementioned in MO-2017ii-001 will be primarily managed by the Agency of Emergency Response and Repair. This agency will not officially begin until there are at least 30 citizens in the Universal Triumvirate, and in the absence of the existence of this agency, the Major Executive will be responsible for maintenance of the fund. [MAJOR EXECUTIVE RICE, 5.9.17]

MO-2017ii-003: The Triumvirate may not act to influence the election in a foreign government. [MAJOR EXECUTIVE RICE, 5.9.17]

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