A Major Task Force is a group of individuals (generally politicians), up to four people, assembled by the Major Executive to advise them on a specific issue. Provided for within the Major Executive Entitlements Policy, the Major Executive is permitted to set any rules, requirements, duration of existence, leadership, or any other relevant operations for them. Originally devised by Major Executive Nathan Maine, only two are allowed to exist at any one time.

Historical Task ForcesEdit

Major Task Force on Recruitment (Est. 2.12.14 - Major Executive Maine; Dissolved 7.23.14 - Major Executive Stenbach):

  • Created to "Conduct research, deliberate, and consider the facts about how the Triumvirate can improve membership activity, better retain members, and increase our citizenship and recruitment".
  • Members:
  1. Luke Cannon, Speaker of the Administration
  2. Bradford Durand, owner of Prime Personnel
  • Ex-Members:
  1. Satine Ehtya, previous Head of Naturalization, left on April 9, 2014 and replaced by new Head of Naturalization Fenner Plecrov. Was leader, leader changed to Clark McDearny.
  2. Fenner Plecrov, previous Head of Naturalization, impeached on April 20, 2014 as he was discovered to be a spy.
  3. Clark McDearny, Senator and former Deputy Head of Naturalization, removed on May 28, 2014. Was leader, leader changed to Andrew Hester.
  4. Andrew Hester, Head of Naturalization, was leader.

Major Task Force on Codification (Est. 2.16.14 - Major Executive Maine; Dissolved 4.29.14 - Major Executive Maine):

  • Created to "Codify the laws of the Triumvirate into the Universal Triumvirate Code, as mandated by the Legal Codification Act".
  • Members:
  1. Andrew Mearl, former Speaker of the Administration
  2. Esteemi Evantsu, Chief Justice

Major Task Force on Executive Prospects (est. 7.26.15 - Major Executive Sessions):

  • Created to "allow for a diverse group of members (in political views, experience, time in office, background, and position) to be assigned to the following priorities in order of importance: 1. To vet individuals to take empty Executive seats and make recommendations therein; 2. To improve the mechanisms for which applicants to the Executive Branch are vetted and elected; 3. To vet individuals to challenge sitting Executives to aid in the competition and effectiveness of the Executive Branch.
  • Members:
  1. Edward Stenbach
  2. Theodore Crown
  3. Allison Braugh
  4. Clark McDearny
  5. Howard Coleson (joined 10.23.15)
  • Ex-Members:
  1. Leonard Misset, left after joining the Supreme Court

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